What Is My Course Review Link?

If you are using our course review feature for one of your courses, you might want to share a review link directly with your students!

How to Build Your Course Review Link

Course review links will all have the same format:


[] and [course-name] will be unique based on your Thinkific site and course URL. It can be built as follows:

  1. Select Courses
  2. Click on a specific course in the Course Overview
  3. Select the Settings tab
  4. Copy your Course URL
  5. Paste this link in a text editor
  6. At the end of the URL, add /course_reviews/new
  7. This is your course review link!

If you would like to test the URL, make sure you are logged into your site when accessing it. If you or your student is not logged in when attempting to access the link, they will be taken to a sign in page first.



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