How Do I Access My Site Without WWW?

When adding your custom domain in Thinkific, a subdomain like www is required. This article will cover how to access your site without the subdomain or by your naked domain.

What is a Subdomain?

A subdomain precedes your main domain name. For example in, www is the subdomain. www, learn, or courses are popular subdomain choices and are required when setting up your custom domain for Thinkific.

How Do I Access My Site Without a Subdomain (ie. WWW)? 

With a simple set up in your domain host, you can access your site without www or your chosen subdomain. For example, you can access your site at as well as www.yoursite.comTo do this:

  1. You need to first follow these steps to create a CNAME record using www. 
  2. Then on your domain host, create a forwarding/redirecting rule from to You can create a 301 redirect in your domain host that points to This way, when a student just types, they are automatically taken to

All domain hosts will be slightly different and if you have any questions about setting up a 301 redirect in your specific host, we recommend reaching out to your domain host directly for instructions!

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