How to Remove Coming Soon Page

You might have just started with Thinkific and created a Coming Soon page when first creating your site, but have some different plans in mind for how you would like your site to look! No problem, you can simply remove the Coming Soon page and customize your site as desired.

Why Is My Site Showing a Coming Soon Page?

If you customized a Coming Soon page when first creating your site, you are currently set up with a Home Page redirect to this Coming Soon page. Essentially this means that if someone visits your Thinkific site, the first page they will see is your Coming Soon page where you can collect leads. For more details on how redirects work, see HERE.

How to Delete Coming Soon Page Redirect

If you would prefer to create a custom Home page instead, you can simply remove this redirect! 

  1. Go to Design Your Site 
  2. Select Site Builder
  3. In the left menu, select Home page
  4. Click the Trash can to the right of Redirect
  5. Once deleted, click Save to apply changes

Next Steps

Once you have removed your Home page redirect, you can continue customizing your site! We recommend starting with the following articles:

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