Individual Course Player Appearance Customizations

If you have already explored customizing the look of your Course Player and would love to customize the look per course, you now have the ability to change the Course Player color, logo, font and theme at a course level!

This is available with our New and Improved Student ExperienceCustomizing Style and Course Player Logo is available on our Pro plan and higher.


This article will cover:

Why Customize the Course Player?
How to set your Default Course Player Settings

How to Access Individual Course Player Settings

Setting Options

Viewing Your Customizations

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Customize the Course Player?

Your Course Player is where your students will spend time interacting with your course content. Sometimes you might have specific branding or color schemes you would like applied to a particular course to create a unique learning environment for your students. For example, if have different groups of students taking different courses, you can customize the look and feel so that all of your students feel at home in your course. Or if you have a bundle or a progression of courses, you can use the course player customizations to help remind your students of what stage they are at in your online courses!

How to Access Individual Course Player Settings

  1. Go to Manage Learning Content
  2. Select Courses
  3. Click on a specific course in the Course Overview
  4. Select the Settings heading
  5. On the left, select Course Player appearance

Setting Options

Course Player Theme

The Course Player Theme controls the background color and default text color for the Course Player. There are two options:

  1. Light theme (Dark text on a light background)

  2. Dark theme (Light text on a dark background)

Course Player Style

This will customize the color and font of the left side navigation bar of the Course Player. You can customize the following:

  1. Primary Color - Choose a color that will pop off of the Light or Dark theme and that will resonate with your students for this course.
  2. Font - This will change the default Course Player font.

Course Player logo

A logo uploaded here will appear at the top of the Course Player. 

Revert to Default

Individual Course Player appearance customizations will override any customizations applied in your site wide Course Player settings. If you would prefer to go back to your site wide settings for a particular customization (Theme, Style or Logo), select the Revert to Default option under the appropriate setting: 

Viewing Your Customizations

If you would like to see what your changes look like, you can Preview Your Course as a Student.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don't customize my Course Player at the course level?

Your site wide Course Player settings will be automatically applied.

What plan is this available on?

Customizing individual Course Player Theme is available on all plans. Style and Logo is available on our Pro plan and higher.

More About the Course Player

Default Course Player Settings

Previewing Your Course as a Student

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