Bulk Enroll and Un-enroll Students

You can use bulk enroll and un-enroll for a quick and easy way to add or remove students from a course or bundles at once.

Bulk enroll and un-enroll students is available on our Pro plan plus Growth package and higher.


Need to import & enroll a large number of students into your Thinkific site? Use the Import Students from File feature first before bulk enrolling.

To Bulk Enroll or Un-Enroll

1. Navigate to Support Your Students > Users

2. From the Users page, search or use a filter to locate desired students (such as Imported or Group Name). 

3. Use the checkbox at the top left of the Users table to select all or use individual checkboxes to select specific students from the list.

4. At the top of the Users table, click either the Enroll (+) or the Un-enroll (-) icon in the tool bar.

5. You can search for a course in the form field or scroll down through your list. Courses are listed in alphabetical order and Bundles will list after Courses. You can only enroll to one course or bundle at one time.

6. Once you select the Course or Bundle, a confirmation will appear letting you know the number of students selected and course. Please consider whether you wish to have any Course or Bundle Welcome Notifications sent. This can be set under Support Your Students > Notifications and if activated, will be sent out when you finalize this bulk action.

7. Click Enroll or Unenroll button to start the process. The system will run this in the background. You can only run one process at a time and will be notified when the process is completed. An email will be sent to your Site Owner email address summarizing the process and any errors. You can continue to perform other activities in your Thinkific site as this process runs. A notification will also appear in the lower left hand corner indicating any issues or completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to expiry dates when bulk enrolling users with active enrollments?

  • If a student has an EXPIRED enrollment in a course, if this student is included in the Bulk Enroll, this will override their original expiry date and give them no expiry date. In other words, unlimited access.
  • If a student has an ACTIVE enrollment in a course, with an expiry date in the future, the bulk enroll will not override their current enrollment expiry. (Ie. if the user is in a course, part of a bundle, that has a subscription)

Can I bulk enroll or unenroll students from a Bundle?

Yes! When bulk enrolling/unenrolling from a Bundle, you will see a list of all courses included in that Bundle before confirming the action:

How many students can I enroll/unenroll at one time?

The Bulk Enroll and Un-enroll feature is a background process and as such, completion of the task can vary based on number of records affected, the date and time the process is run - as Thinkific is a shared platform amongst all users. We have designed the process to run 100 enrollments every 30 seconds so as to maintain a healthy system! If you are intending to run a large process over 1000 users, we do ask that you contact Support just to let us know and coordinate for any potential challenges!

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