Copy Theme Sections in Site Builder

Have you customized a section on your site theme and would like to use it on another page? You can now copy a section from one page to another!

This article is for anyone using a Site Builder compatible theme. 

Why Copy Sections?

Site Builder themes are built from various section types, which you can check out in detail HEREYou might have created a customized Banner that you would like to use on another page on your site! These can be copied from one page in your theme to another page. Or you might have created a Call to Action that you would like in various areas throughout your landing page. You can simply copy it and move it to the desired location on that page!

How to Copy a Section

  1. Navigate to the destination page in Site Builder (ie. where you want the copied section to appear)
  2. At the bottom of the left menu, select Copy section
  3. In the first dropdown menu, select the originating section page
  4. In the second dropdown menu, check off one or more sections
  5. Click Add (#) sections
  6. Click Save to apply changes
  7. The new section will have 'Copy of' appended to the section title.

  8. Optional: You can rename this section title as desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I copy a section from one theme to another?

This is not currently an option. You can only copy sections within a single theme.

Can I copy an entire page?

This is not currently an option, however if you are making similar course landing pages, you can Duplicate a Course. Duplicating a course will duplicate the course landing page as well. 

What happens to the default buy buttons in Banners when copying from one course landing page to another?

The default buy buttons in your Banners will automatically update to the appropriate course checkout in order to match the course landing page that the banner currently appears on.

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