Video Completion Required - Progress Setting

Note: In order to use this feature, you will need to enable our New and Improved Student Experience.

Prevent your students from skipping ahead in a course by ensuring that they watch the video that you've uploaded to your course to your desired completion percentage. When this feature is enabled, students will not be able to mark the lesson as complete before they reach the indicated completion percentage in the video that you've set for the course. 

Once the student has watched the video to the completion percentage, the lesson is automatically marked complete at that point in the video. 

The continue button will appear once the student finishes watching the full video or the student will be able to navigate to the next lesson using the left hand navigation. 

Enable video completion (%) required

1. In your Course Builder, enable the feature under the Settings tab under Course progress & completion:

2. Set the desired completion percentage you want your students to view for the video lesson before they are able to mark the lesson complete using the continue button. 

3. Save your changes!

Note: this setting is applied on a per-course basis so any video completion required setting you enable will apply to all videos in your course. 

Recommended use

If you're looking to prevent students from moving forward in the course before completing previous lessons, we suggest using this video completion required feature with the following:

  • Enable lessons as prerequisites. This will prevent students from skipping ahead to the next chapter prior to marking all lessons in the previous chapters as complete.
  • Remove the play bar from your videos. This will prevent students from fast forwarding in the video so that they can reach the required completion percentage to mark the lesson as complete. 

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