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Sometimes you might have created lessons in a different course that you would like to copy to a new course. Or you have a lesson like a Survey, that you would like to duplicate in your existing course in order to add it to multiple Chapters! This article will cover how to copy a lesson.

How to Copy a Lesson

  1. Go to Manage Learning Content
  2. Select Courses
  3. Click on a specific course in the Course Overview
  4. You will now be in the Course Curriculum area of the Course Builder
  5. Locate the Chapter you would like to add the Lesson to
  6. Click the ellipses (3 dot menu) to the right of + Add Lesson
  7. Select A Course
  8. In the first menu, select the Originating Course
  9. In the 2nd menu, select the Lesson title you want to copy
  10. The Lesson will be immediately copied and placed at the bottom of the Chapter

The new lesson will be set to draft and have 'Copy of' appended to the title. If you are using a Drip Schedule then you will need to be sure to set the Drip for this lesson.

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