Video Lesson Autoplay

Note: This feature is only available with our New and Improved Student Experience. You can learn how to enable this here

You can enable or disable autoplay for all video lessons in your course with the click of a button. 

To access the feature, navigate to your course in the Course Builder and under Settings, you will see an option for Course progress & completion. From there, you can enable or disable the autoplay feature for your video lessons.

Video lesson autoplay is enabled

When students finish watching the full video, we'll display an interstitial page with a countdown timer. The student can use the "Continue" button to automatically proceed ahead, or they can wait until the countdown timer completes, at which point they'll automatically proceed to the next lesson. The current lesson will automatically be marked as completed once the video finishes playing.

Video lesson autoplay is disabled

Students will need to manually click on the "Continue" button to proceed to the next lesson and mark the current lesson as complete. 

Customize button text

The text for the buttons on the interstitial page can be customized from your Settings > Learning Content >Modify Site Text section. You can customize the "Continue" label which is used on the interstitial page that follows video lessons. 

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