Redirect Course Landing Page to an External Sales Page

Do you want to use your external sales page instead of your Thinkific course landing page? Not a problem!

If you are using an external site, you might not want to use the default Thinkific Course Landing page created for your course. You can simply redirect your Thinkific page to your external sales page!

To Redirect Your Course Landing Page

  1. Go to Manage Learning Content
  2. Select Courses
  3. Click on a specific course
  4. Select the Settings tab
  5. Click Page Code
  6. Paste the following code: <script>window.location.href = "";</script>
  7. Replace with your external sales page URL
  8. Click SAVE

When Would I Use This?

External Site

This is used most common when you have an external site with sales pages already designed. Instead of pushing your prospects to your Thinkific site, you plan to promote your existing sales pages. This redirect prevents students from seeing your Thinkific course landing page and instead, they'll be redirected to your external sales page.

Affiliate Tracking when Using an External Sales Page

Sometimes you will be promoting a sales page on your external site, but want to track affiliates using our Affiliate feature. By using a redirect on your Course Landing page in Thinkific, your affiliates can share their affiliate URL's from Thinkific, but visitors will be redirected to your actual sales page. On your sales page, you can then link back to the checkout page in Thinkific

Since the student originally visited your Thinkific site through an affiliate link, they'll be tagged to the appropriate affiliate and the sale will also be linked to that affiliate!

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