Site Owner and User Roles

Learn about the different User roles!

There are 6 different User roles in Thinkific. Each User role has different levels of access and functionality within Thinkific:

  1. Site Owner
  2. Site Admin
  3. Course Admin
  4. Affiliate
  5. Revenue Partner
  6. Student

The Site Owner and Site Admins can Assign User Roles.

Site Owner

The Site Owner has the highest level of permissions within your Thinkific account. They will have access to all functionality available on the account and have the ability to transfer account ownership if needed. There is only one Site Owner per Thinkific account and is also assigned as a Site Admin. In order to maintain access to your account, make sure that you have access to the email address associated with the Site Owner.

Site Admin

A Site Admin has all the same level of permissions as a Site Owner with one exception. They cannot transfer account ownership.

Course Admin

Course Admins have limited access in your Thinkific account. They can:

  1. Create new courses

  2. Create new instructors

  3. Edit existing courses to which they are assigned as Course Admin

  4. View student progress for courses to which they are assigned as Course Admin

See HERE for a detailed breakdown on working with Course Admins.


An Affiliate can earn percentage or dollar commissions for promoting your courses! They will have access to basic account settings like a Student as well as an Affiliate Dashboard which includes:

  1. General Affiliate Information (includes commission rate)
  2. Affiliates links
  3. Financial Reports (commission breakdown)
  4. Settings (Payout email address)

You can see more details on Affiliates here:

How to Use Affiliates

An Introduction the Affiliate Menu (For Affiliates)

Managing Affiliate Payouts

Revenue Partner

Revenue Partners also known as Product Payees allow you to share a percentage of your earnings with a third party. Revenue Partners do not have any custom details available in their account and have access to basic account settings like Student accounts. See HERE for details on using this feature.


Students have access to:

See more details on the Student Experience HERE.

All plans have unlimited Students. Unlimited Affiliates are available on paid plans. The number of Site Admins, Course Admins and Revenue Partners vary per plan. See our Plan Comparison page for details. 


Assigning a User Role

You can assign a role to a User while creating a new user or after they already exist in Thinkific. 

Assign a Role While Creating a User:

  1. Click on Support Your Students and select Users
  2. Select New User on the top right
  3. Fill in User details
  4. In User roles section, check off desired Role
  5. Select Save on the top right

Assign a Role to an Existing User:

  1. Click on Support Your Students and select Users
  2. Locate desired User within the list
  3. Click Edit on the right side of the table
  4. Select User roles
  5. In User roles section, check off desired Role
  6. Select Save on the top right

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