Admin Dashboard: A Closer Look

Understanding and navigating the Admin Dashboard!

Your Admin Dashboard is the first thing you will see when you login to your Thinkific site as the Site Owner or Site Admin. This is the control center for your Thinkific site: it’s where you can access everything to do with your site - Site Builder, the Course Builder, Student progress, Site settings, Orders, Integrations and more!


The left sidebar displays main feature categories including: 

  1. Manage Learning Content 
  2. Design your Site
  3. Market & Sell
  4. Support Your Students
  5. Settings
  6. My Account
  7. Additional Resources

Your admin dashboard also offers an overview of your school's performance. In the Measure tab, you'll find the following:

  • Revenue: Your total revenue of purchases made on your site. When highlighting the Revenue section, you'll see the orders in the specified time period of the date picker listed below. Clicking on View All will take you to the Orders area of your admin dashboard.
  • New Accounts: The total number of users created on your site. When highlighting the New Accounts section, you'll see the list of users created within the specified time period of the date picker listed below. Clicking on View All will take you to the Users area of your admin dashboard.
  • Enrollments: The total number of students enrolled in courses on your site. For example, if a student is enrolled in 2 courses, they count for 1 account and 2 enrollments. When highlighting the Enrollments, you'll see the list enrollments from the specified time period of the date picker listed below. Clicking on View All will take you to the Users area of your admin dashboard.

When you're just getting started, you'll also find the Setup & Grow tab valuable for getting your site setup. You'll find the following areas here:

You can click and expand category headings to see specific features related to the category. See the following for a summary of where to access your Thinkific features.

Manage Learning Content

  • Courses - Access the Course Builder and build your courses
  • Categories - create subsections on your school "All Courses" page to make it easier for students to find similar classes
  • Instructors - Create and manage instructor profiles
  • Video Library - Upload and manage your videos
  • Publication requests - approve Courses built by Course Admins
  • Share Revenue - Share your course revenue with Revenue partners

Design Your Site

  • Site Builder - access Site Builder to build your homepage, landing page and custom pages
  • Theme Library - view your current theme and access your theme code
  • Preview website - Preview how your site looks to students!

Market & Sell

  • Coupons - create coupons 
  • Sales Widgets - create a sales widget to promote your courses on an external site 
  • Orders - Track your course sales
  • Integrations - You can integrate your course site with other tools and web apps
  • Affiliates - Set up and manage your affiliates

Support Your Students

  • Users - View your students' profiles and segment users
  • Groups - Create and manage groups
  • Progress - View students' progress in your courses
  • Discussions - Enable and manage your course discussions
  • Reviews - Enable and manage reviews here 
  • Quiz & survey - View & export quiz and survey results
  • Notifications - Enable, edit customize, and send personalized email notifications to your students

You can always get back to your Admin Dashboard by clicking on the Thinkific logo on the upper left of your screen. Use the search option to search for anything in your Admin Dashboard.  


Site Settings 

Edit global settings for your site including site name, site URL, and more

Learning content

Orders & accounts

Code & analytics

Add code to your site and access to developer options including:

My Account

Additional Resources

  • UpgradeUpgrade your Thinkific subscription plan
  • Help center - Check for resources and how to's in our Knowledge Base
  • Updates - Keep track of new features and theme updates

More About Accessing Your Site and the Thinkific Interface

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Site Settings

Changing Site Name and URL

Site Owner and Roles

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