Access Your Site and General Navigation

How to sign in and where to go!

How to Sign Into Your Site

Once you have created an account, you can Sign In to your site:

  1. Check your Thinkific welcome email and go to your Site URL. If you are not sure what that is, see Creating an Account.
  2. Click Sign In at the top right hand side of your site.
  3. Enter your email address and password.
  4. Click Sign In.

If you have changed your Site URL since creating your account, you can simply login by navigating to your current URL. You can also log in from


Navigating the Interface

Once you are logged into your site, there are a few main areas that you will want to access as you get up and running:

The Admin Dashboard

Your Admin Dashboard is the first thing you will see when you login to your Thinkific site as the Site Owner or Site Admin. It is accessible at and provides access to the various Thinkific pages and settings:

See Admin Dashboard: A Closer Look for a detailed breakdown.

Site Builder

Site Builder is where you can build out all of your Site pages including your Homepage and Course Landing Pages

  1. Go to Design Your Site 
  2. Select Site Builder

See Site Builder Overview for more details.

Course Overview

The Course Overview is where you can access and create all of your Courses and Bundles

  1. Go to Manage Learning Content
  2. Select Courses

Course Builder

In the Course Builder, you can create/import lesson content, set your course pricing and more!

  1. Go to Manage Learning Content
  2. Select Courses
  3. Click on a specific course in the Course Overview

See Creating a Course for more info.

Course Player

The Thinkific Course Player is what your student experiences when they access your course.

  1. Go to Manage Learning Content
  2. Select Courses
  3. Click on a specific course in the Course Overview
  4. Select Preview Course

Check out The Thinkific Course Player for how to customize your Course Player!


This is where you can access various editable Settings for your Site and Courses including:

  1. Site (Global Site Settings)
  2. Learning Content (Course Player and Site Languages)
  3. Orders & Accounts (Custom Terms/Privacy Policies, Order numbers, etc.)
  4. Code & Analytics (Custom Site wide Code, API Key, etc.)

Select Settings in your Admin Dashboard:

Searching Thinkific

If there is something else you are looking for while in your Thinkific account, try our Search option!

More About Accessing Your Site and the Thinkific Interface

Site Settings

Changing Site Name and URL

Admin Dashboard: A Closer Look

Site Owner and Roles

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