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There is a range of different reasons as to why you may want to redirect your Thinkific home page; maybe you only plan to launch with one course or bundle and want students to navigate straight to that page, or link directly to checkout for a particular Thinkific product. Either way, the Home Page Redirect feature can help you achieve that redirect without needing to dive into your theme code.

Students who would otherwise go to your Thinkific home page (e.g. will now navigate to the page you elect as the new destination. This will only apply to your Thinkific homepage, and not other Thinkific pages like custom pages, landing pages etc. Any redirects for those pages would need to be done within your theme code.

Before jumping into how to do a redirect, let's explain more about how redirects work. When you have a redirect in place for your Thinkific home page, anyone who goes to your home page, will immediately be taken to the new destination. Please make sure that the page that you have the redirect pointed to is an active/live page whether it be on Thinkific or another page on the internet, otherwise everyone will receive 404 errors. 

To utilize this feature, navigate to Site Builder on the left-hand navigation:

Select Home page:

Under Home page, select Redirect:

With the redirect, you can select your Thinkific URL to be navigated to a range of pages.

These include:

- Checkout page: for any of your Thinkific products (courses or bundles) at a particular price. Please note that a student will need to sign in or create a new account before proceeding to the payment details if they are not logged in. Make sure that you don't select a course that is set as Private, as this will 404 error because all Private courses have their payment gateways disabled. Likewise, only set up redirects to pages that are published as students will receive a 404 error, also. 

- Course page: the course landing page of a selected course. The course should be published before setting up this redirect otherwise students will see an error. 

- Bundle page: the bundle landing page of a selected bundle. Ensure that the bundle is published otherwise students will receive a 404 error.

- Student dashboard: where students can select their course and begin learning immediately. Please note that a student will need to sign in or create a new account before accessing their student dashboard. 

- All courses: the 'all courses' page that you can find under default pages in Site Builder and will parse all public courses and bundles.

- Your custom pages: (in this example Member's Area, Webinars and Blog) which are custom pages built in Site Builder. Your custom page names will likely vary from these if you have any. If your custom pages are restricted to only students who are signed in or enrolled in certain products will need to sign in before accessing that page if they are not already. Double check that your custom pages are published. 

- Custom URL: Any URL that you would like (e.g. your own site URL). You can select the small blue square icon after saving this change to see what the destination URL will be. Please keep in mind that any site can be entered into this field (regardless of whether it exists) and as such, you should double check that it is the correct URL you want. 

Once you have the redirect in place, you will see the page redirect preview as you first enter Site Builder: 

Or a message confirming where the redirect is pointed to, for example:

To see what page you have the redirect pointing to, you can hover the redirect and edit the Thinkific page if you choose to navigate to it:

You will still be able to edit your Home Page even though students will be navigated away when they access that URL when a redirect is in place. 

The home page redirect can be deleted at any time by selecting the trash can icon beside the redirect:

Be mindful of removing the redirect if you have one in place, ensuring that this does not disrupt your students' access or purchase workflow. If in doubt, use an incognito window or different browser to test out your redirects!

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