On-lesson Discussions

Note: In order to use on-lesson discussions for your courses, you will need to enable our New and Improved Student Experience. Legacy Discussions are not compatible with on-lesson Discussions and won't carry forward.

Thinkific's On-lesson Discussion allow you to enable discussions for each lesson of your course(s) individually, so that you have full control. With Thinkific's on-lesson discussions, you can engage your students and foster community in your courses!

Your students can access the on-lesson discussions through the badge that appears on each lesson that has discussions enabled.

Your students have the ability to include images and even upload files in their posts and replies!

Our discussions admin area allows has the ability to search and sort your discussions so that you can stay on top of all the discussions happening in all of your courses.

You can reply directly through our admin area! You can also mark any post or reply as Hidden if it is no longer relevant for your students.

Note: any discussions from the previous Course Player will not be accessible from your admin dashboard or to students through the course if you have enabled the new and improved student experience. If you'd like an export of your discussions from the previous course-wide discussion, send us an email and we'll be happy to assist!

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