Install Proof on your Thinkific site

Proof is a third-party application that makes increasing conversions simple by displaying real-time customer activity on your Thinkific site to encourage new visitors to take action and convert. 

Step 1 - Install the Proof pixel on your Thinkific site

  1. Find your Proof pixel by logging in to your Proof account and click on Pixel Install in the menu. From there, choose the Install my pixel option and copy the code snippet to your clipboard:
  2. Paste this code into your site footer code section of your site.
  3. Visit your Thinkific site and then check on your Proof account that the pixel is sending data

Step 2 - Set up your campaign in Proof

Set up a campaign to customize the notification that will display on your Thinkific site and create an objective for where you'd like to send new visitors when they see the notification and click on it. This article will walk you through setting up a campaign that displays recent activity on your Thinkific site (like new student sign ups, or new orders in a specific course). 

Note: using Proof on your Thinkific site requires connecting to Proof through Zapier. The steps below will walk you through how to do that, but you can also take a look at Proof's help article on integrating with Zapier here

  1. In your Proof account, click on Campaigns in the menu and create a new campaign. In the Build tab of the campaign, choose the Recent Activity option and make sure to fill out the click through URL in Campaign Objectives, which is the page you want to send visitors to. For example, if you're displaying notifications on each new purchase for a specific bundle, you could set the click through URL to the bundle landing page.
  2. In order for the Proof notification to display on your Thinkific site, you will want to make sure to customize the Recent Activity message that displays. Click on the Customize button that displays on the Recent Activity option and you'll be able to input your custom message in the menu:
  3. Once you've finished your customizations, move to the Capture setting of the campaign. Here, you'll want to connect your Thinkific account to Proof through Zapier by clicking on the option to Accept Invite to Use Zapier. This will prompt you to log in to your Zapier account and it will indicate that you've been invited to use Proof with Zapier.
  4. Return briefly to your Proof account to quickly finish setting up the campaign first as you'll need to save it before you can use it in Zapier. On the Display step of the campaign, choose which pages of your Thinkific site you would like the notification to display on. You can choose from the URLs that are automatically populated or add in your own custom URLs.
  5. Review the campaign and then click the Publish changes button in the top right corner to launch your campaign!

  6. Return back to your Zapier account now to set up a new zap in your account using Thinkific as the Trigger. What you set as the trigger will indicate when the Proof notification will display on your Thinkific site. For example, you can set the trigger to fire based on each new order for a specific course on your site, or you can set it up to display when a new user signs up. You'll just want to make sure the trigger you set up in the zap matches the message you customized for your Proof notification earlier in step 2.

  7. For the action step of your zap, choose Proof from the application to connect to and select the Create Conversion action. Fill out the template selecting the new campaign you just created and the other fields can be populated using the data from your Thinkific trigger in step 1 of the zap.
  8. Once you're finished setting up the template, make sure to test your zap to see that it works and then save the zap and turn it on! For more details on using Zapier with Thinkific, see here

Step 3 - Preview your Proof notifications

To finish up, visit your site in an incognito or private browser tab to see the new Proof notifications that now display! You'll want to make sure you're visiting a page that you added to the Proof campaign when you were setting it up earlier.

And that's it! You'll now be able to show new visitors social proof of other users that are taking action on your site to help convert visitors! 

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