Student Goal Tracking

We are currently testing this feature with a subset of users, so reach out to our support team if you'd like to try it out, and please drop us a note to let us know your feedback on whether its helped you or not!

Students often have their own personal intention for signing up for your course and its impossible to discover whether you've helped them achieve that goal purely by watching their progress in your course. 

Student Goal Tracking helps solve this by asking for your student's goal and enabling them to track its completion. You can then use this information to improve your course and help your students achieve more by knowing which course are performing for you and which ones could use some love.  

Enabling Student Goal Tracking will prompt your students to state their goal the first time that they view your course.  Once they've set their intention, they can continue to progress through your course as expected.  We will remind them once they have seen 70% of the course's lessons, and again at the completion of their course, what their goal was and ask them whether they have progressed towards or achieved it.

 Of course, all this information is also available in a downloadable CSV so you can see all your students goals and their status so that you can make more informed decisions when improving your course and marketing content.

Let's Get Started!

You can turn on Student Goal Tracking in your course by heading to the Course's Settings Page.  You can find the toggle above the Private Course setting called "Enable student goal tracking", turn it on and press save and you're ready to go! 

What will your users see?

  1. When a new user visits your course player for the first time, they will be asked to state their learning objective/reason for taking your course. They can choose to complete or skip it and move on to your course content.

  2. Your users can choose to create, view, edit their goal at any point from the menu on the left side of the course player which will surface the modal once again.
    Note: If you have Course Ratings enabled, you'll notice that this button has taken its place! Rate This Course is still available but is now displayed within the goal settings area.  (Users that achieve their goals with your course are much more likely to give you a positive rating)

  3.   Finally, Goal Tracking will check in with your users later on in the course to see how they are doing and ask them if the content has helped them progress towards their goal.  This prompt will appear once when your users have viewed 70% of your lessons, and again when they have completed the course.  

Help us improve this feature

Thanks for checking out this new feature.  We'd love to hear from you about how we can improve this experience for you and your users. Take a few minutes and drop us a note!

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