Integrate with ActiveCampaign

Connect Thinkific with ActiveCampaign to create and update contacts based on events so you can utilize ActiveCampaign's robust email marketing and CRM tools alongside your Thinkific course site.

Our ActiveCampaign integration allows you to create or update a user's activity based on the following events:

  • New sign up: Triggered when a user creates an account on your Thinkific site.
  • New order: Triggered when a user purchases a course (including when using a 100% off coupon). An order is not generated when a user enrolls in a free course.
  • New enrollment - preview: Triggered when a user enrolls in a content-limited free preview version of a course.
  • New enrollment - full: Triggered when a user enrolls or a site admin manually enrolls a user in the full version of a course.
  • Course completed: Triggered when a user completes a course at 100%.

Here's how to set it up:

1. First, grab your ActiveCampaign API key and API URL by heading to Settings > Developer in your ActiveCampaign account. 

2. Then, go to the Market & Sell section of your Thinkific admin dashboard, select Integrations and find your ActiveCampaign section. 

3.  Once your integration is connected, click on the Edit button. Add your Thinkific domain to your whitelist in ActiveCampaign by clicking on the Whitelist domains button. Then, retrieve your tracking code from ActiveCampaign by heading into Settings > Tracking, and paste it into the Tracking code box in Thinkific.

4. Next, retrieve the Event Key and ACTID from Active Campaign by heading into Settings > Tracking > Event Tracking. Your ACTID can be found by clicking on Event Tracking API in the pop up window.

5. Then, place the Event key and Event ACTID in the relevant fields in Thinkific.

6. And finally, hit the toggle to activate any of the following events to track in ActiveCampaign. Activating these events creates a new user if one doesn't exist or updates an existing user in ActiveCampaign based on when that event occurs, and adds the activity to their activity feed. This allows you to create powerful automations based on these events.

Whenever you create a new course or bundle, remember to come back to this page and click the "Create events" button for the new courses so the events associated to the new course and bundle can be tracked in ActiveCampaign. This applies to New order, New enrollment - preview, New enrollment - full, and Course completed. 

And, that's it! If you have any questions on setting this up, feel free to get in touch.

Note: Be sure to set up your automation, in ActiveCampaign. Here is a helpful resource to get you started: Creating an automation walkthrough

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