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Note: This article is for anyone using a Site Builder compatible theme. 

A striking homepage is a great way to draw potential students to your site. With our new Site Builder, customizing your page is easier than ever. Let us show you how! 

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Your header falls under this area of your homepage: 

Header of a Homepage

The first element that you’ll want to add is a logo for your site. You can upload your personal logo (or choose one from our helpful search tool), adjust the size, and even choose where the logo links to on your Thinkific page. If you don’t designate a specific page to link to, the logo will by default link to your homepage.

Add a logo to your Header

The Header is also a great place for you to share links to outside of your Thinkific course. You can create additional blocks, then add your links there. Examples of what you could add include links to external pages (a personal website or a blog), or even links to custom pages you’ve created within Thinkific.

Add links to your header

Lastly, you can further customize the look of the header itself in the Styles and Alignment dropdown. 

Customize the look of your header


Once you’ve set up your header, you can start to add different sections to your homepage. These are the basic building blocks of a standard landing page and will provide visitors with information about your site. You can choose the final arrangement of the sections by dragging and dropping the sections to your preferred order.

Arrange the Sections on your Homepage

While there are many different sections you can add to customize your homepage, these are the main sections we recommend including:


The banner typically draws the most attention, so make this section stand out by uploading a hero image that conveys to students what you are all about. For best results, we recommend choosing an image that is 1440px x 720px (1MB). The overlay color and its opacity can also be adjusted here so your banner image looks just the way you want.

Add a Hero Image to the Banner

You can give your banner a heading and subheading to help tell people in words what to expect from your site.

Add Heading and Subheading to your Banner

You can choose how large you want your banner to be, and the alignment of any elements within the banner. 

And lastly, you can add additional buttons in the banner area by creating additional blocks. You can create Call to Action buttons in the banner to spur immediate action from visitors to your home page. 

All Products

The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve created this as a smart section, meaning this section is automatically populated for you! Once you publish a course (and provided it’s not set to Hidden), the course will automatically be added to this section on your page. 

From this section, you can: 

Customize the number of courses displayed. Whether you list just your best courses, new releases or all courses, the choice is up to you.

Choose number of course cards to display

Update the heading of the section and adjust its alignment.

Choose the name of the section

If you had chosen to limit the number of displayed courses, you can also include a button to link visitors directly to your collections page, where they can see all your published courses. 

Add or customize the button in the section

Call to Action

Landing pages all need a Call to Action (CTA), and we recommend adding several of these sections throughout your page. We understand that a relevant CTA will differ across sites, so this section is designed to be completely flexible to your needs. 

Firstly, you can decide what the section is titled by customizing the heading of the section. 

Change the title of the CTA section

Next, you can customize the actual CTA button itself. Choose the text within the button, and select where visitors are directed to when they click do take action. A great use case here is if you are running a special promotion on a particular course, you can configure your CTA button to direct visitors straight to the checkout page for that particular course. 

GIF showing options to link CTA button to

Worried customers may miss your CTA? You can also choose to set this entire section to be clickable! 

Finally, you can make your CTA section stand out on your homepage by adjusting the size or uploading a background image.


Categories are a great way for you to organize your courses so visitors can easily find what they are most interested in on your homepage, and allow for you to sort similar courses as well. You’ll notice that this is another smart section, so we auto-populate this section for you based on the Categories you create. 

Some customizations you can make to this section include the heading, any subheadings and the alignment as well. 

Customize Heading and Subheadings of Categories section


Lastly, you can edit the footer of your page. The footer of your page refers to this section shown below:

Footer of your Homepage

This is a great space to link out to your other social media accounts to help grow your online presence. Choose an icon for your social platform and add your personal links! 

Add social media links in the Footer

Other elements that you can customize in the footer include your site’s copyright notice. We automatically generate one based on your school name and update it with the year, but you can choose a customized copyright message.

Looking to add additional links in the footer? You can easily add extra blocks and include your links there as well. 

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