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Note: This article is for anyone using a Site Builder compatible theme. 

Site Builder from Thinkific lets you quickly build a beautiful, customized website including homepage, product pages, and additional pages containing any content you’d like. As a course creator, you can create on-brand sites (including custom pages) with ease, and without coding.

Choose a Theme

Thinkific offers three beautiful and responsive themes; Vision, Empire, and Vogue, each with 3-4 styles. This gives you tons of choice, and freedom to customize your pages to suit your brand. Styles are defined color and font selections within a theme — while changing a theme resets content, changing a style doesn't - it simply changes the mood of your theme. Check them out!

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Inactive Themes

Changing Themes

Anatomy of a Page

Learn more about our fully customizable themes, and the components that make each theme up. You're able to edit, drag and drop these different elements to create a truly bespoke page.

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Theme Settings

Leverage your theme's settings to reflect your, or your brand's, style. Here you can browse different styles, try out new colors, and play around with typography to get the look and feel you're after.

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Custom any page you like by dragging and dropping sections to match your needs. Thinkific Smart Sections allow you to add content that updates automatically with your course and site changes, saving you tons of time! Use different sections like Curriculum, Video, Checklist, or Countdown timer, depending on the page.

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Building your homepage

Course bundle pages

Custom pages

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