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Note: This article is for anyone using a Site Builder compatible theme. 

Now for the fun part! Choosing a theme with Site Builder is simple. Each theme is fully mobile responsive and has been crafted and refined to look great with many different types of content — it’s like having your own designer on staff! When you're in your admin dashboard, head to the Theme Library to get started.

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Explore Themes

Current Theme

Inactive Themes

Changing Themes

Explore Themes

Site Builder offers 3 themes, each with 3 or 4 styles for a total of 12 theme + style combinations, to apply and customize to your Thinkific site. You can explore each one by selecting “View Details”, and “Preview”, as below:

Next, select the blue “Install” button to install the new theme to your site. To activate it as your current, live theme, hover over the Theme card and select “Publish”. This will replace any current theme you may have. Remember, you can continue to work on and build a theme without it being active. Simply hover over the theme card and select “Build my site” to continue edits on an inactive theme.

Current Theme

Your current theme is the one that is published and visible to your audience. Select the blue “Build my site” button to enter Site Builder and begin beautifying your landing pages.

The ‘…’ button gives you access to the following settings:

  • Duplicate - Duplicate your theme. You will receive an email to your admin email when your theme is successfully copied.

  • Edit Code - For developers comfortable with custom coding. This will direct you to the HTML/CSS files associated with your theme for editing. Note: Site Builder offers Advanced HTML & CSS customizations on Business plans and above. Reach out to us at for more information.

  • Restore - Made a mistake? No problem. With this option, your theme will be restored to the last time you updated. All changes made to your site after this date will be lost. Note: you’re only able to restore to your previous theme once.

  • Update available - If there’s a green button next to this option, there’s an update available for your current theme! Be sure to always be on the updated version to ensure an optimal experience for your learners.

If you'd like to see which version of a theme you're on, simply hover over the 'i' icon, as below:

Inactive Themes

Inactive themes are themes that you may have installed and edited in the past, though they aren’t your current, active theme. If you hover over them, you can select “Publish” to make that theme your Current theme. You can also duplicate, edit, restore, or update Inactive themes! When you hover over a theme card, you’ll notice the … button on the upper righthand corner which gives you access to the above settings.

Changing Themes

The application of a new theme will override previous edits to your old theme, and gives you a fresh start. If you changed themes and would like to revert to your previous theme, you can select Restore to your previous theme.

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