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Note: This article is for anyone using a Site Builder compatible theme.

Your site has several pages included by default that assist with the core functionality of your Thinkific site. Site Builder provides you with some great options to customize these pages by adding in additional sections to easily give these pages a more personal touch. You can add in some additional branding, add an upsell, and more!

If you’d like to create an additional page, check out our article on How to Build a Custom Page.

How to edit a default page

Head over to Site Builder by selecting Design Your Site > Site Builder. Once Site Builder launches, head to the Pages tab. From here, click on Default pages

When you click through each of the pages, you’ll notice there are a few default sections as well as a couple of additional recommended sections we’ve included as examples. You can delete or edit these, or press the Add Section button to add more from the dropdown menu provided.

Here are your default pages:

Checkout - sign in: This is the page that your Users will see when they are enrolling in a course and are not already signed in. By default this page will require users to sign in / sign up and will show them a preview of their order.

Checkout - payment: This page is the second step in the checkout process, where your users will confirm their order and complete their purchase once they are signed in to your site.

Checkout - thank you: Once a purchase has been made successfully, the user will see this thank you page. By default, we include a link to their receipt and a “Start Learning” button that will take them to the Course Player. Now would be a great time to add sections to personalize your message or include some call to actions or upsell your student to another course.

Sign in: This is the general sign in page for your site that appears when a user clicks on the Sign In link in the top header navigation. The sign in form will appear by default.

Sign up: This is the general sign up page for your site that students see this form if they have not already created an account. The sign up form appears on this page by default.

All Courses: This is a list of all the published non-hidden courses available on your site and will appear at Students will see a “View more courses” link in their student dashboard to prompt them to see what other courses you have available. You can also choose to add this link to your Header.

Student dashboard: When a User signs up for your site, they have access to their own student dashboard to view and access a list of all the courses they are actively enrolled in as well as view their progress in each course.

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