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Sections are the foundation of your Thinkific site; for any content to exist on your page, you'll be placing it within a section. This article covers what each Site Builder section looks like and a short description of each. 

This article is for anyone using a Site Builder compatible theme. 

You can add, rearrange, and delete Sections to create a beautiful custom layout that contains as much or as little information as you'd like. Smart sections are automatically updated so your students will always see the most up-to-date information about your course. If you're looking for help on how to build your landing pages with Site Builder, please refer to this article.

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Product and Selling Sections

Customizable Content Sections

Formatted Content Sections

Social Proof Sections

Each section will vary in style and colour depending on which theme you've chosen. Let's go through some examples of sections below:

Product and Selling Sections:

All products [smart section]: Display all course and bundle cards in a horizontal strip (Theme: Vogue / Style: Parker)

All products [smart section]

Additional products: Display individually selected course and bundle cards in a horizontal strip (Theme: Vision / Style: Thrive)

 Additional products

Upsells: Display a list of individually selected courses or bundles with a CTA button that links straight to checkout (Theme: Empire / Style: Halo)


All categories [smart section]: Display category cards that, when clicked, lead the user to a list of courses and bundles in that category (Theme: Vogue / Style: Parker)

All categories [smart section]

Categories: Display individually selected category cards that, when clicked, lead the user to a list of courses and bundles in that category (Theme: Empire / Style: Jet)


Pricing table [smart section]: Display all of the pricing options for the course or bundle (Theme: Empire / Style: Spark)

 Pricing table [smart section]

Pricing Options: Display individually selected pricing options for the course or bundle (Theme: Vision / Style: Thrive)

Pricing Options

Customizable Content Sections:

Banner: Add a single image, headings, and optional CTA blocks (Theme: Vogue / Style: Manhattan) Check out more details on editing Banners HERE.


Text (with CTA): Add headings with text and a CTA button that links to an external URL or a Thinkific-hosted page (Theme: Vision / Style: Tempo)

Text (with CTA)

Icon & text: Use a simple text editor to add short descriptions alongside icons in a horizontal strip (Theme: Empire / Style: Halo)

icon and text

Image & text (with CTA): Add an image on one side with text and a CTA button on the other (Theme: Empire / Style: Jet)

Image & text (with CTA)

Image Gallery: Add a gallery of images or videos in a horizontal strip (Theme: Vision / Style: Thrive)

Image Gallery

Video: Add an externally hosted video or a video from your video library with headings (Theme: Vogue / Style: Parker)


Lead Capture: Add an email capture field as you prepare for launch. This section is available on the Home page, Course and Bundle pages, Custom pages and Coming soon page. See more on managing leads HERE.

Formatted Content Sections:

Bonus material: Add short descriptions of bonus material offered  (Theme: Vogue / Style: Classic)

Bonus material

Checklist: Add short text alongside icons to create a list. (Theme: Empire / Style: Spark)


Countdown timer: Customize a live timer that counts down to a configurable date and time (Theme: Empire / Style:Edge)

countdown timer

Instructor(s): Add one or more instructor bios (Theme: Vision / Style: Focus)


Frequently asked questions: Add a list of common questions and answers (Theme: Vision / Style: Tempo)


Call to action: Add a background image, heading, and/or button to link to any external URL or a Thinkific-hosted page (Theme: Vision / Style: Tempo)

call to action

Curriculum [smart section]: Display the curriculum of your course, pulled directly from the course builder (Theme: Vision / Style: Focus)


Social Proof Sections:

Social proof: logos: Display an organized list of logo images (Theme: Empire / Style: Edge)

social proof: logos

Social proof: testimonials: Display styled quotes and testimonials (Theme: Vision / Style: Focus)

social proof: testimontial

Social proof: reviews: Display styled reviews from students (Theme: Vogue / Style: Classic)

social proof: reviews

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