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Note: This article is for anyone using a Site Builder compatible theme.

The Site Builder is where you’ll assemble each page of your Thinkific site, from your Home Landing Page to your Student Dashboard. Each page is broken up into multiple pieces that together, make your site both striking and effective for delivering your content to your audience. Read on to learn what makes up a page!

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Your site header is the area of your website running across the top of each page that helps make your site recognizable to your audience. Here, you’ll showcase your company logo, navigation, and site login link. Using the Thinkific Site Builder, you’ll modify the look of your header to help brand your site.

Thinkific header


Your site footer is the area of your website running across the bottom of each page, and often contains common yet non-critical information and links, like your privacy policy, terms of service or social links. Most commonly, the branding of your footer ties in nicely with your header for consistency.

Thinkific footer


Sections are the foundation of your Thinkific site; for any content to exist on your page, it must be placed within a section. You can add, rearrange, and delete sections to create a custom layout. Aside from your header and footer, your page will be entirely made up of sections, which are made up of settings, content, and blocks. Smart sections are automatically updated so your students will always see the most up-to-date information about your course.

For example, this landing page is using the Banner, Checklist, and Image & text (with CTA) sections:

Thinkific sections

Read more about the section options available in each theme here.


Each section has configurable settings to change the look and feel of the section. This may include any of the following:

  • Headings: Title and/or subtitle

  • Background: Primary or secondary color that your content appears on (these can be configured in the Theme settings)

  • Layout: One or two column layout and heading alignment

For example, here's the settings you'll see when you're editing a Checklist section:

Thinkific checklist settings


Many sections have the option to add blocks. Think of blocks as similarly formatted items that make it easy for you to add and rearrange content to the section. Depending on the section type you’re adding, you’ll see one type of block and the ability to add as many as you’d like. Blocks come in many forms:

  • Button

  • Bonus

  • Checklist Item

  • Category

  • Icon & Text

  • Product

  • FAQ

  • Instructor bio

  • Course review

  • Logo

  • Testimonial

  • Upsell

For example, in the Social proof: logos section, images of logos are blocks:

thinkific logo blocks


If you'd like to add content that doesn't fit specifically within a particular pre-built section, you can use a Text & Media section which provides you the freedom to place any combination of content you’d like. With the editor, you can place text, images, videos, and more!

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