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Course Bundles is a paid plan feature that lets you bundle together a group of courses for the purpose of selling them as a package. For example, say you have seven individual courses, each available for $99; with Course Bundles you can sell all seven together for, say, $500 to increase value for your customer.  This article has a great explanation of how and why to use this feature.


Create a course bundle

To create a course bundle, select Manage Learning Content on the left sidebar in the Admin Dashboard, click Courses, then select to Create new bundle. Give your bundle a name and hit Create bundle to be taken to the bundle creation screen.



Then select Add a course to get started with putting courses into your bundle.



Bundle Settings

Under Settings > Basic Settings, you can update the bundle name and URL, add a tagline, and choose whether or not you want your bundle to be hidden. (Making the bundle hidden will hide it from your site landing page, so that only users with the direct link to the bundle landing page are able to access it).


Select Bundle Card to upload an image for your bundle card - the bundle card is what will represent your bundle on your site landing page and in the student dashboard.


You can also add custom code and SEO information to the bundle landing page from Settings > SEO & Page Code. More on SEO here

The Settings tab of the bundle builder

Landing Page

From the Landing Page tab of the bundle builder, you can set up your bundle’s landing page - upload a banner image, add a description, and so on (hit the Preview button at any point to see how it’s looking).

The Landing Page tab of the bundle builder



Head to the Pricing tab of the bundle builder to set your pricing - like Courses, you can choose from a one-off payment, one-time payment, a subscription, or a payment plan.

Note: v2 Themes only provide for Default Pricing. With one of our new Themes included with Site Builder, you have access to Additional Pricing for Bundles:


Once you’re done adding courses, configuring your landing page and setting your pricing, you’re ready to publish your bundle. To do that, simply go the Publish tab and hit Publish this bundle!

The Publish tab of the bundle builder


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