Adding Additional Buttons to your Thinkific Sales Page

Note: This article is for anyone using a site theme with a version 2.0 or newer. If you're looking to add additional Call to Action buttons on your landing pages using Site Builder, refer to the Call to Action section in this article. Not sure which theme your site is using?

You may require additional buttons on your Thinkific sales pages to link out to other websites or web content.

You can do this by following these instructions:

Go to your description in the course/bundle.

And select ‘Code View’:

Press enter so that your first bit of paragraph text becomes line two and then add this code to line one:

<div class="col=xs=12"><a class="btn btn-primary" href="">Learn More</a></div>

To provide some context on what this script is about:


<div class="col=xs=12"><a class="btn btn-primary" href="">Learn More</a></div>

Div class tells the button what colour/styling it should be

A class tells the button what size/dimensions it should be (it should look like the ‘primary button’)

Href tells the button what hyperlink it should activate when accessed (

The end structure dictates the language on the button (ie ‘Learn More now’)

Then there are coding language around this with the ‘div’ and ‘/div’, ‘a’ and ‘/a’ to open/close the code.


Your description will look something like this:

Delete the website hyperlink. Replace it with your relevant website. If you want a blank email to open instead (for a custom quote for instance) replace the address with: mailto:youremailaddress .

Replace 'Learn More' with a suitable call to action for your button, for example: Contact Us, Buy Now, etc.

Then click ‘code view’ so that you can see the button rather than the code. You also cannot save the description or page while in code view.


You can also highlight the button and align it to ‘centre’ if you want:


You can dismiss the colour of the button in the description as your own theme styling will take precedence so that the button looks consistent with your other buttons.

Now your description will look like this:


You can also customize the size of the button and font if you'd like.

Now you know how to add an additional button to the description of your sales page for any additional content or links you want to provide to your students. 

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