Groups help you organize and sell your offerings to existing and prospective students, including by cohort and to other organizations. As such, you have full visibility into the different groups that pass through your courses.

Creating a Group

To Create a Group:

  1. Go to Support Your Students 
  2. Select Groups
  3. On the top right, select + New Group 
  4. Name your Group
  5. Click Save

Adding Users to a Group

In the Users dashboard, admins can create filtered segments, add students to groups and track progress of students within each group. Use combinations of the data selector and filters to segment your Users. In the example below, creating a cohort with signups from the month of February:

Creating Reports

You can easily filter and export a list of your active Groups to CSV file format, and send different reports reflecting Group progress:

Creating a share link

To get a direct link to enroll someone in your Group (and apply any discounts you'd like to) head to Groups > Generate link:

Use Cases

Time-based Cohorts

Groups (sometimes in combination with coupons) allow customers to create cohorts (eg. time based) based on enrollments. You can also provide a specific coupon or bonus to create urgency to enroll.

Eg. 2 week intakes for a dance class

Sell to Organizations with Company-Specific Packages

Groups allow customers to create a specific price, and custom reporting that can be shared with a specific client-company.

Team-Based Tracking

Groups allow customers to indicate and track specific people by their team/discipline, or a job. (eg. sales team vs. in-house crew)

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