What is Thinkific?

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Thinkific is a technology company with a platform that allows people and businesses to create online courses out of their existing knowledge and then deliver or sell those courses to their audience from their website, and under their own brand. Thinkific offers all the tools you need for every step of your online course journey, from initial course creation to well past your launch.

Thinkific currently helps more than 25,000 course creators deliver education in 164 countries.

Who uses Thinkific?

Thinkific is for experts who want to share their knowledge online, or add education as a component of their existing business. People use Thinkific to teach all types of courses. From learning to play guitar, to flying a drone, to enhancing your digital marketing skills, the opportunities for online education are unlimited.

What do people use Thinkific for?

People on our platform use online courses for all kinds of business goals. Online courses are great for training customers on a product or service, and helping them see the most value possible. 

Thought leaders with a blog or YouTube channel, authors and speakers, subject matter experts, and more use online courses to scale their offline business, or monetize their expertise. Thinkific also helps many business owners and one on one consultants free up more of their time when they transfer their training online. And that’s just a few examples!

What types of features does Thinkific offer?

Thinkific’s tools cover every step of the online course journey, from course creation to well past your launch.

Here are just a few of the things you can do on our platform:

  • Create your course curriculum with the Course Builder, or easily upload your existing content using our bulk uploader.

  • Build a customizable online course website to deliver your courses.

  • Directly accept payments for your courses via credit card.

  • Market and sell your courses to the masses by integrating your favorite business and marketing tools.

  • Better serve your audience with student success tools, and deliver your courses in our student-focused learning environment.

How much does Thinkific cost?

You can always start with our free plan, but if you’re looking for specific features take a look at what’s offered with our paid plans on our Pricing Page.

What’s the best way to get started?

You’re in the right place. Head over to our Setting Up Your Thinkific Website for next steps for succeeding in our platform. And thanks for being here!

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