Designing Your Course With Thinkific

Ready to design the course of your dreams? This article will outline the basic ways in which you can set up and customize your site and the differences between our course and site landing pages, and site theme selections.

Note: This article refers to an older version of our page builder. Learn how to upgrade to our must up-to-date, customizable website builder yet using Site Builder in this article.

Our platform uses simple drag and drop software to make your site designing and course building as easy as possible. Please note that this article is in no way exhaustive in how you can customize your site, but is a high level overview on getting started.

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Landing Pages

Site Landing Page

Course Landing Page

Bundle Landing Page

Thinkific Themes


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The Course Builder

Course Image & Description

Custom Themes and Editing HTML/CSS

Landing Pages

When you make a Thinkific account, you automatically have access to edit two different types of landing pages that you can funnel your traffic to; a site landing page, and course landing page.

1. Site Landing Page

This is the first page that visitors will see when they visit your site. The colours and banner image on this page can be customized from the “Branding” section of your admin dashboard and will appear on your site before you publish any courses as well as when you have two or more courses published. 

This page is a great place to introduce your site and the types of courses you offer. The banner, site name, and subheading are your opportunity to catch the eye of the site visitor and get them to want to know more about your different course offerings! Below you’ll find an example of a site landing page from our training site:

2. Course Landing Page

These are landing pages for individual courses. They can be accessed by clicking the course cards displayed above, or the "View Course" button. These pages can include information specific to the course such as the description, the instructor that is facilitating the course, and the content that will make up the lessons. This is where your student will find everything they need to know about the course, including the pricing options. Visit here to see a fully built course landing page.

3. Bundle Landing Page

If you decide to bundle your course offerings together into a paid package, then you'll also gain access to a bundle landing page. This is perfect for membership sites, promoting courses that have common themes, or marketing complimentary courses together. Check out GreyLearning's Ultimate Bundle here for an example.

Thinkific Themes

Thinkific is proud to offer you three completely free, fully-customizable and responsive themes built in-house. What makes these themes so great? Using our drag-and-drop functionality, you can tweak and edit to your heart's content. You also have access to the HTML and CSS associated with each theme if you're wanting something a little outside the box.

1. Horizon

This theme offers a clean, simple and streamlined design. Text and images are the focus of this theme and you’ll have lots of opportunity to add info about your site and courses with this theme. It is a great theme to start with for those new to Thinkific with its sleek design!

2. Ice Cream

Video is the focus of this theme, as it includes a video player front and centre which is embedded in the banner image. If you’d like to get a little more interactive with your site visitors, this is a great option as you can record your own video for use on the landing page or one from YouTube! The colourful layout should also help catch the eye of your site visitors with its bright colour scheme.

3. Altitude

This unique theme includes bold colours and headings out of the box, and also has the largest amount of customizable sections of our themes. For instance, the countdown clock is a great way to boost sales by letting your students know that they have a limited time in which to reserve their seat and enroll in the course. This theme also features Testimonials, so you can include and edit your social proof directly on your landing page! This is proven to create trust with your audience. 

The Course Builder

Check out this quick video for a preview of the Thinkific course builder! This interface was designed to be as intuitive and easy-to-use as possible, with full ability to bulk upload content, drag and drop to prioritize different elements of your landing page, and more.

Course Image & Description

Each course will have a course image and description section, which you can use to catch your student’s eye and give them a brief overview of what the course is all about. Think of it as a mini sales page that gets displayed on your site’s landing page course catalogue when you have more than one published course. If you’re advertising your course on social media, the site (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) will pull the image from the course card when linking to the course, so thats one thing to keep in mind when uploading the image you want to use for your course image. Its also important to note that this image also shows up on your student’s dashboard and on the checkout page.

Editing HTML and CSS

If you're tech-savvy, you can always build a custom theme with HTML and CSS! Check out this page on Custom Themes for Developers to get familiar with our theme builder.

Still have questions on designing your course with Thinkific? Shoot us an email at!

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