Migrating to Thinkific

With this guide, you’ll have everything you need to make your move as smooth as possible.

Migrating your online education business doesn’t have to be scary; it can even be fun, especially when you’re moving to the Thinkific platform! Lots of customers have discovered how easy it is to create, market, and sell their online courses with Thinkific. 

There are several main components to a migration:

Importing your Course Content

Branding Your Course Site

Moving your Custom Domain

Course Review Migration

Importing your Existing Students

Affiliate Migration

Importing your Course Content

Our bulk importer is the easiest way to move all of your existing content into Thinkific. After you import your content, you can move your content around in your desired order. Learn more about the kinds of content you can host on Thinkific here.

Branding Your Course Site

Now that you have your content uploaded into Thinkific, you’ll want to begin branding your site. 

Themes are collections of styles that control how all parts of your Thinkific website look to site visitors and student users. You can select a Theme for your site by heading to the Design Your Site section of your admin dashboard. Explore the Theme options available, then select a Theme from the library and set your theme live by hitting the Publish button.

Learn more about Themes here.

Once you have a Theme installed, you can check out how to start customizing and building out your pages here:

Site Builder Overview

Anatomy of a Page

Theme Settings

Building Your Homepage 

Build a Course or Bundle Landing Page

You also have access to the HTML & CSS Theme files where your designer or developer can make advanced customizations to your landing pages. More on customizing your theme here!

Moving your Custom Domain

You can easily set up your custom domain on Thinkific by following the instructions found here. After you’ve set up your domain in Thinkific, you can contact our support team at in order to set your custom domain to act as your primary URL. This way, your students can reach your Thinkific site via your custom domain, and any visits to your Thinkific URL will also redirect the user to your custom domain. 

If you’d prefer to set up a new subdomain, you can also set that up by following these instructions. Some popular options are ' or or 

The time it takes for your course site to be available on your domain varies depending on your domain host and how quickly your domain takes to propagate. Typically this can take 12-48 hours, but it’s best to check with your domain host to confirm.

Course Review Migration

Already have reviews on your previous course site? Awesome! These help build trust with your audience and there’s a number of ways for you to move your existing course reviews to your Thinkific site:

  1. Enable Reviews for your courses in your Admin account. Then, create student accounts for past reviewers, and log in to the account as the student and add the review. If you don’t want the student to get any emails to their email address, you can use a variation of your own email (e.g. add a plus sign and a combination of letters/numbers to your gmail email address to create a different student account on your Thinkific site - for example

  2. Create a custom page where you can add and style your course reviews as you like. You could also use screenshots from your previous review system. Custom pages are linked from the header of your Thinkific site after publishing them.

  1. Investigate if you can embed your review tool. If it can be iframed, you can add the tool to a custom page using the text editor to access the HTML in code view. 

  1. Depending on which course review tool you were previously using, you may be able to integrate your tool with your Thinkific site by using our API. This is the most complex option as it requires custom development which is outside of the scope that our support team assists with, but you can turn to your development team for help. If you don’t have a development team, you may be able to find someone to help through a site like Upwork.

Migrating and Importing your Existing Students

Your existing students can be migrated to your new Thinkific site through a couple different ways.

First, you can create a 100% off coupon code and offer this to your students to enroll in your course(s) free of charge.

Alternatively, you can utilize our bulk student import tool to import many students at once. Simply fill out the template, send back our way, and we take care of the rest! Below is some important information about importing students via import. You can read through the Bulk Student Import and Enrollment instructions for full information on how to fill out the template.

If you are on our Pro plan plus Growth package, you also have the option to import students and bulk enroll them into your desired courses on your end! Check out:

Import Students from File

Bulk Enroll Students

Here are some important considerations to make when bulk importing your students:

Welcome Email

Students who are imported can receive a site welcome email if you choose. You will need to notify Thinkific support when submitting your student import spreadsheet if you wish this to occur. 

Your site welcome email can be customized prior to sending to include your user's login credentials and the URL to sign in to your new course site. Students who are imported cannot receive course welcome emails. 

If you’d prefer to send out a Welcome Email at a later time, you can always use the Mass User Email tool or external email system to send out an email to your students with their login details, URL where they can sign in and their login credentials. 

Migrating Progress

Progress cannot be migrated from one platform into Thinkific unless students have completed a course. If you’d like to import students who have completed courses, you can fill in the “Completed_date” column in the Student Import Template.

Migrating Your Affiliates

If you’d like to manage your Affiliates within Thinkific, an overview of our Affiliate program can be found here. To move your affiliates into Thinkific, you can first bulk import your list of users into Thinkific as student accounts, then go to the Users page and change their permission to Affiliate within their student user profiles.


We give you full reporting of your affiliates in Thinkific so that you can handle your own payouts to affiliates outside of the platform. Read more about Affiliate payouts here.

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