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This guide covers everything you need to get started with Thinkific from creating your account, setting up your integrations, to creating and publishing your course! This is a great article for beginners, or those looking to review that they have everything set up prior to launch. It’s intended to help you stay organized and on task so you can get going on your course creation. 

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First Things First

The links below will introduce you to some important elements of your Thinkific account and the resources available to you. We got your back!

Welcome to Thinkific!
Creating your account

Resources and How to Get Help

Your Admin Dashboard & Thinkific Site

The first thing you see when you log into your Thinkific site is your Admin Dashboard. You can think of this as the control center for your Thinkific site, and it’s where you can access everything - Site Builder, the Course Builder, Site Sittings, Student progress, Orders reports, Integrations and more! Click on the links to learn more about your Admin Dashboard and your Thinkific Site Settings.

Access Your Site and General Navigation

Admin Dashboard - A Closer Look
Site Settings
Changing Your Site Name and Site URL
User Roles


With Thinkific, you have all the tools and resources you need to best manage your business, delegate work, and connect your favorite business tools. Check out the integrations below!

Essential Integrations

Integrate with Stripe

Integrate with Paypal

Integrate with Google Analytics

Take your online business to the next level! Check out the following resources to learn how you can automate some of your tasks so you can really hone in on your course creation. 

Advanced Integrations

Integrate with Zapier

Setting up Your Thinkific Site

Thinkific makes it easy for you to create a complete, stand-alone website from which to sell and deliver your online courses. Choose a site theme from our Theme Library and customize it to match your brand in the theme settings. Already got a website? We’ll cover that too!

Choosing a Theme

Theme Settings and Styles

Site Builder Overview
Everything you need to launch with Site Builder

Build your Homepage

Anatomy of a Page

Custom Pages

Do you have an existing website that has good traffic coming to it already? No problem. You can integrate your existing website with your Thinkific site. Click on the link to find out how: Integrate Thinkific with Your Existing Website.

Create Your Course

That’s why you’re here! With Thinkific you can build a course from scratch or use one of our course templates to help you take the guesswork out of curriculum design. Then you can start adding your lessons, learning supports, and customize your student experience.

Creating a Course

The Thinkific Course Builder (An Overview)

Upload and Manage Your Video Library

Bulk Importer

Creating Draft Content for Your Course 

Set Your Course Pricing

Drip schedule

Build Your Course Landing Page

Publishing your Course

Create a Course Bundle

New to online course creation? Make sure to check out the Course Creation area of our blog for helpful articles on best practices & ideas. 


The Course Player & Student Experience

We believe the best way to build a sustainable course business is by truly caring about the success of your students and focusing on ways to craft the best learning environment. In this section we’ll provide some insight on both the student experience and the Course Player. The Course Player is the course-taking environment itself - the part of your site where your students can go to view your curriculum, watch your videos, take your quizzes, and more!

The Thinkific Student Experience (An overview from sign up to course completion)

The Thinkific Course Player
The New and Improved Student Experience 
(New release!)

Preview Your Course as a Student

Change the Colour of Your Video Player
Change Your Video Thumbnail

Managing Course Reviews

Send Personalized Email Notifications

Check in with how your students are doing with these helpful tools and features:

User Progress Reports
Quiz & Survey Exports

Student issues rarely come up but when they do we have some guides to help!
Billing Issues (Stripe FAQ)

Troubleshooting Guide for Student Issues

Check out the Student Experience section of our blog for some fantastic best practice ideas and tips to help create engaging courses your students will love!


Growing Your Business

Creating a beautiful site that's reflective of your brand and contains great content is the first step in helping you monetize your online lessons. The next thing that you want to do is focus on your Marketing and Selling strategies. These are the features that can help!

User Reports and Filters

Orders Report



Revenue Sharing


Also check out the Marketing & Selling section of our Knowledge Base and our ever helpful blog for tips and ideas on promoting and marketing your courses!


Troubleshooting & Tips

We’re here for you, but just in case you’re stuck at 3am, here’s some help you can access 24/7!

System requirements and Support Browsers

I'm having Trouble Logging into my Site...

How to Use your Browser Console to Diagnose Issues

Why Does My Video take so long to Upload?

Why is my multimedia lesson not working?

Changing or Resetting Passwords

Next Steps

Ready to Launch? Looking for more one on one Support? Need an Expert? We’re here for you!

When you're nearly ready to launch your course, check out our Perfect Launch Workbook! It’s a guide meant to help you stay organized and on task so your course launch goes smoothly and without a hitch: Perfect Launch Workbook

Looking for more one on one support to get your courses and site set up? We've put together some packages for those looking for more direct support: Thinkific Onboarding packages

Do you have years of expertise in your field, and your content ready to go, but looking for someone to help do the work? Hire a freelance marketer, developer, content creator, or even someone to help with set up. Our Experts Marketplace is full of recommended freelancers who are also familiar with Thinkific! Experts Marketplace

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What Is Thinkific?

Creating an Account

How to Get Help

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