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Whether you need technical support or general tips and tricks, we've got you covered:

Technical Troubleshooting

We know that troubleshooting can be frustrating. Here some basic browser troubleshooting steps to try on your end:

  1. Refresh your cache and restart your browser.

  2. Try accessing your site in a Private or Incognito window (e.g. Chrome's Incognito Mode, or Firefox's Private Window). This opens a fresh browser window without any extensions or settings blocking your content.

  3. Try out a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc). Sometimes the issue can be browser specific.

  4. Try a different device or computer (mobile phone, tablet, PC/Mac laptop/desktop, etc.). It is rare, but sometimes a certain device has trouble with a content type. 

If the issue persists, please Contact Our Support Team.

Search our Knowledge Base

You can find the answer to almost any (Thinkific-related!) question in our Knowledge Base. Simply search for what you’re after!

Contact Our Support Team

Submit a ticket HERE or send an email to and we’ll have you covered! This is our preferred method of contact for a few reasons:

  • This allows us to have your account details and site name handy, which means faster support for you. We can focus on quick, detailed responses when we have this info available to us.

  • We can work together as a team to provide you with the most relevant answers. If we need a designer, developer, or marketer to give you the best support, we can connect them to the request.

  • Written responses can easily link to support documents, your course URL, screen captures and images, and external websites.

  • Efficiency! Written responses are easily accessible for your future reference.

Helping Your Students

You are the best person to answer your student's questions as the subject matter expert. But if they need technical help, feel free to send them these Troubleshooting tips!

If one of your students has a question they can't find the answer to, they will see a "?" link at the bottom of their Course Player that links to the email address you have set under your Basic Settings in the admin dashboard.

If they require technical assistance that is not covered here, we've got your back. We'll need your help to gather as much info as possible from your student and the you can email it to us so we can help resolve it!

Additional Resources

If you are looking for marketing, content tips and tricks, or other course creation resources, we have a few options!

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