Adding tools to your Thinkific course tools allow you to create and edit interactive videos, presentations, advertisements, and more. Adding H5P content into your Thinkific course is a breeze with our Multimedia lessons!

Watch a step by step from our Product Expert, Aaron, or scroll down the page for instructions on 2 different ways to embed H5P content into your Thinkific course player.

Add to Multimedia Lesson

  1. First, copy the < > Embed link on your H5P content.
  2. Next, head to your Thinkific admin dashboard and select the course you'd like to add H5P tools to. Once you're in the curriculum, select "Add Content", then a "Multimedia" lesson, as below:
  3. In the URL box, paste the script in. Delete part of the the script (ex: width and height) and only keep the URL of the content. It should look something like this:

Add to Text Lesson

  1. When in the H5P dashboard, adjust the Embed size to be a bit smaller (suggested: 800 x 350 px).
  2. Then, copy the code with the newly-adjusted size.
  3. When you're in your course curriculum, add a new Text lesson. When you're in the editor, click the Code View (</>) which will open the HTML editor.
  4. Paste in the code, and save changes.

Add Dynamic Sizing

  1. If you'd like dynamic sizing, open up the "Advanced" link the H5P Embed box and copy the script src.
  2. In your admin dashboard, head to Advanced Settings and scroll down the Site Footer Code.
  3. Next, paste the script in, and Save Changes.
  4. Now, go back into the Text lesson and open up the HTML. Make sure to delete the width and height so the dynamic sizing isn't overridden. The code should look something like: <iframe src=""></iframe>
  5. Preview your work by selecting "Preview course as student".

Available content types in h5p:

  • Arithmetic Quizzes
  • Charts
  • Collages
  • Course presentation
  • Flashcards
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Memory games
  • Personality quizzes
  • and more!

And now you've learned how to add H5P tools to your Thinkific course!

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