Track Free Course Conversions for Facebook Ads

Note: If you're looking to track conversions for a paid course, check out this article. Or if you're looking to track conversions for a free course, continue reading this article.

When you set up your Facebook ad, you need to choose between either a Standard Conversion Event or a Custom Conversion Event. 

Standard events are set up using the Facebook Pixel, and this is common, since most people just need to track paid conversions.

The Custom Conversion Event option is different, since it does not actually use the Facebook Pixel, but instead Facebook tracks the URLs that the user navigates to after clicking the ad. This is what you'll use to track conversions from Facebook ads for your free courses.

Here's how to set it up:

1. Go to My Courses and click on Edit for the course that you'll be tracking. From the next page, choose As A Student from the Preview Course dropdown in the top right.

2. Make sure you are in the first lesson in the course, and copy the URL from the address bar at the very top of your web browser screen.

3. In your Facebook Ads Manager, navigate to the Pixel page and click the Create Custom Conversion button in the top right.

4. Add your first lesson's URL in the text field and choose the URL Equals option, as well as choosing the Complete Registration event type for the Category.

5. Click Next, name your event, and save. Now, when you are in your ad creation step, you can choose this event as the conversion event, and Facebook will be able to track when new customers click your ad and then sign up for your free course!

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