Creating a Membership Site

What is a Membership Site?

Membership sites are essentially a hub where your learners can get ongoing access to your content, a community, and possibly even you as a course expert! Membership sites differ from regular course sites in a few ways. They often include these four facets:

  • Recurring revenue - Rather than a one-off purchase, your customers will subscribe to your services and their recurring basis
  • Ongoing training - As opposed to issuing a course and publishing it, you’ll always be creating new content to share with your members.
  • Building a community - Access to a community of like-minded people is a major selling point of most membership sites. 
  • Emphasis on retention - The membership model relies on retention. By maximizing retention rates, you increase the lifetime value of your customers - ideally to a greater value than the one-time purchase price of an online course.

In other words, with a Membership Site, the sale is only the beginning of your relationship with your student. 

For expert advice, suggestions, and tips of the trade, read our comprehensive Guide on Membership Sites.

Implementing a Membership Site

Okay, so we know what a Membership Site how do we go about making our Thinkific site into a Membership Site? Depending on your use case, you may want to take advantage of the following features:

*available on the Essentials plan, and higher

Configuration for All Access Memberships

You can sell your courses separately, but this use case is specific for users wanting to bundle into an all access membership.

1. First, create a Course Bundle:

2. Have subscription prices set for the Bundle. (You'll need to connect your Stripe account first):

3. Set all courses to “Private”, under "Settings":

4. Create a custom CTA

Once your courses are set to Private, you can create and edit a custom CTA button. Head to "Advanced Settings", then "Modify Site Text", as below:

Save your changes, and you're done!

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