Bulk Student Import and Enrollment Instructions

Bulk student import and enrollments are a paid service performed by Thinkific to help you create and enroll several students at once in your course site. You can submit a request for a quote for an import here

If you're migrating from another platform or have a group of students that you need to create student accounts for and enroll in a course, Thinkific can help. All you need to do is fill out a spreadsheet and we'll take care of the rest. Making sure that spreadsheet is set up correctly will expedite the process. Use the guidelines below to help you when you're preparing your bulk student import and enrollment spreadsheet.

How to Edit the Template File

Filling Out the Students Sheet

Filling Out the Enrollments Sheet

Submitting Your Completed Template

Frequently Asked Questions

Important: All requests to import students must be made 5 business days prior to an intended import date. This lets us troubleshoot formatting issues in the spreadsheet.

How to Edit the Template File

When you submit an application for a student import, you will receive a reply with a bulk student import and enrollment spreadsheet template file attached. 

You will need a spreadsheet editor to access and edit the file (we recommend Microsoft Excel).

This template file includes two separate sheets:

Students Sheet - This sheet is where you list all of the relevant details for the student account that will be created as a part of this process. 

Enrollments Sheet - This sheet is where you list all the student accounts in the first sheet to be enrolled in published courses or bundles on your course site along with the courses that they will be enrolled in.

Filling Out the Students Sheet

Below, this sheet's column headers are described:

Student_email - Required - The student email to be attached to their account as a username. Students will use this email to log in.

Important: A student should only have one entry on the Students sheet. If there are duplicates, the first entry will be overwritten by the next duplicate entry.

First_name - Required - First name of the student.

Last_name - Required - Last name of the student.

Note: Students can change their name settings after they log in. If you don't know the name, add a placeholder for them to change. First and Last Names must be separated.

Password - Optional - You can leave the password field blank to have us auto-generate an Express Sign-in link to your students. You will need to make sure that you include the express sign-in variable in your welcome email for students to receive this link so that they can activate it and log in if you are not intending to send your own welcome email with these details.  This would be the most secure password option. 

Alternatively, you have the option of setting a generic password like 'password1' for all imported students. You need to send all imported students their password to log in. Passwords must be at least 6 characters long and are case-sensitive. Students can change their password after logging into their accounts or by using the forgot password link on the sign in page of your course site.

Important: If opting to use a number as the password (e.g. 123456) it's imperative that the cell/column formatting be set to 'text', otherwise Excel will interpret it as the number 123456.0. This means that the user will be created with a password of 123456.0 instead of your intended password of 123456. Learn how to format numbers to text on the Office website here

Groups - Optional - You have the option to add students to one or more Groups with the bulk import. Please note that you can only add students to existing groups on your site so you will need to create all the groups before doing the import.

Filling Out the Enrollments Sheet

Below, this sheet's column headers are described:

Student_email - Required - The email address associated with a student account already in the Students sheet.

Important: If a student account needs to be enrolled in multiple courses, the account needs a line per enrollment, meaning duplicate entries of student account details enrolled in several courses is allowed on this sheet.

Course_name - Required - Course names must match the course names in Thinkific exactly as they are case sensitive.

Important: Enrolling bulk imported students into courses requires that the courses be published prior to the import.

Activated_at - Required unless enrolling students in a Free Preview - (Format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) - This is the day (UTC) students can first access the course's lessons.

You can enroll a student in a free preview for the course (if it exists) by not setting an Activated_at date for the enrollment.

Important: If you want to give student's access immediately, we recommend setting this date to be the date prior to your intended import date.

Expiry_date - Optional - (Format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) - The date (UTC) the student will lose access to the course. This date is when the enrollment for the course will expire.

Completed_date - Optional - (Format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) - The date (UTC) the student completed the course (100% progress).

Important: This only sets the progress rate and does not expire the enrollment.

This means students with a Completed_date set and no Expiry_date set in the sheet will still have access to the course's lessons.

Submitting Your Completed Template

Once you've completed your import sheet, send it via email to our support team and we'll take care of the rest for you! Please be sure to indicate if you would like to:

  • Send the site welcome email
  • Trigger enrollment events (for example, sync students to your Mailchimp lists)

FAQs When Importing Students

Will imported students get a welcome email?

Students who are imported can receive a site welcome email if you choose. You will need to notify Thinkific support when submitting your student import spreadsheet if you wish this to occur. Your site welcome email can be customized prior to sending to include your user's log-in credentials and the URL to sign in to your new course site. Students who are imported cannot receive course welcome emails. You will be responsible for sending out welcome emails associated with specific courses if imported students are being enrolled in any.

Will imported student's progress in my old courses transfer over?

Progress rates from other platforms cannot be imported with the student. However, the Thinkific student import can set a course completion rate as 0% or 100%. That means if a student has completed a course in your previous platform, that can be reflected in your Thinkific courses.

Where can I get the bulk student import and enrollment template?

You can get the template by clicking here. Download the file and open it in your favorite spreadsheet tool. Microsoft Excel works best.

Will the bulk student import trigger actions I have set up in Zapier?

No, since the bulk student import is a separate feature - these do not connect to our trigger in Zapier. For example, if you are looking to add your students you've bulk imported to a mailing list, you'll need to do so manually rather than rely on a zap to do so.


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