Students with Infusionsoft subscriptions can update credit cards from Thinkific

If you're taking payments through Infusionsoft for subscription products (courses or bundles), your students can update their credit card details right inside their Thinkific accounts.

Note: This feature only applies to students with active subscriptions in Infusionsoft. 

Here's how it works:

1. A student pays for a subscription product in Infusionsoft and is then enrolled in a Thinkific product via HTTP post (for more information on taking payments via Infusionsoft click here)

2. The student is then marked in Thinkific with an External source tag called 'infusionsoft'. You can see this by navigating to Users and searching for the individual student:

If you edit the user's profile you can also see the External source field here: 

***the External source field is not case sensitive

3. The External source 'infusionsoft' tag triggers Thinkific to display the student's active Infusionsoft subscriptions for their student inside their account. Student's can see all of their active subscriptions with information on billing dates, along with the ability to update their credit card for each subscription.

For example, if Mindy is logged in to her Thinkific account she can navigate to her billing information by clicking the dropdown in the right hand corner and selecting 'My Account', and then by choosing 'Billing': 

Since Mindy is tagged with the External source "infusionsoft" her active Infusionsoft subscriptions are listed. All subscriptions will have the following information listed:

- Product name: the Product name from Infusionsoft

- Started At: start date of subscription from Infusionsoft

- Renews On: date of next subscription payment from Infusionsoft

- Card: credit card type, last 4 digits of credit card number and the card's expiry month/ year from Infusionsoft

- Edit Card: the ability to edit your existing credit card or add a new credit card

***All information listed here is pulled directly from Infusionsoft

What happens when a student edit's their credit card for a subscription? 

When a student clicks "Edit Card" they can either update the expiration of their existing card, or they can add a new card. In both cases, after the student saves their new information, the information is sent directly to Infusionsoft. The following is then updated inside Infusionsoft:

- the credit card's listed for the contact are updated 

- the credit card listed for the corresponding subscription is updated/ changed

What does 'active' subscription mean?

Only subscriptions are shown in Thinkific that are marked in Infusionsoft as 'active'. When the status is marked as 'inactive' as shown below the subscription will not appear in Thinkific: 

How do subscriptions get marked as inactive?

You can manually update subscriptions as "inactive" inside Infusionsoft. This generally happens when a student notifies you that they want to cancel. Then the following actions would be taken to manually cancel it

How can I mark existing students with External source: infusionsoft? 

We know this is an exciting feature that you'd like all your existing students to benefit from. We're working towards the ability for you (site owner or site admin) to be able to bulk select a group of students and apply the External source tag of 'infusionsoft'. In the meantime you can go into individual user profile's in Thinkific and type 'infusionsoft' into the External source field, and save the update. After saving Infusionsoft and Thinkific will automatically sync as long as the email addresses match in each application for the student. See technical details below for more information on syncing.

The technical details:

When the External source tag is marked as 'infusionsoft' Thinkific pulls active subscription data for the student based on the student's email address ie. Thinkific looks at the email address in the Thinkific user profile, and then looks for active subscriptions for the same email address under contact's in Infusionsoft. This means the email address must match for the student on the Thinkific user profile and the Infusionsoft contact record. If the email address were to change in only one of the applications, Thinkific or Infusionsoft, Thinkific would no longer be able to display the student's active subscriptions and credit cards. In this case only the ability for the student to see and update their credit cards would be unavailable, the student's enrolments, and active subscriptions are both unaffected and will continue to function normally. 

***Please note: When updating a student's email address site admins need to update both the Thinkific user and the Infusionsoft contact to maintain the connection. At this time students have the ability to update their own email address in their Thinkific account settings, which would not automatically update the email address in Infusionsoft. In this case, the view subscription/ update credit cards feature would become unavailable for that student. One of our upcoming updates will be to better accommodate updates to email addresses so that the email address remains synced across Thinkific and Infusionsoft. 

Upcoming updates:

We're working on making this feature even better in the future, some of these updates will include:

- Ability to bulk select users in Thinkific and apply the External source tag 'infusionsoft'

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