How to find your Course or Bundle ID

You will need to know the Course or Bundle Product ID's when it comes to using Zapier and third party checkout systems (like Samcart or Thrivecart), or when you link directly to your checkout.

These instructions will go over the details on how to capture the Course or Bundle Product ID. If you need to know the regular ID of the course or bundle itself (and not the specific product ID) please go to the bottom of this page. 

How to find your Product ID:

Step 1:

Go to the landing page of your course (or bundle).  Make sure you are logged out of your profile or in an Incognito Window: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

Step 2: 

Once you are on the landing page for the specific course you want to Right Click on the Buy Now Button. From the menu you want to select Copy Link Address: 

You should get a link that looks like this: (if using a custom domain the Thinkific url will be replaced with your custom domain). 

Step 3: 

Select and copy the digits after your thinkific url/enrol/. In this example, you would select and copy '30994'.

There you are! That is your Course or Bundle ID!

Now you are able to to add this information to your Zapier or external checkout:

Need the regular Course or Bundle ID?

You will likely need this if you are using our API or if you are editing your Theme code and need to determine which specific Course or Bundle you're looking for. You can grab this from the URL within the Course or Bundle Builder, or you can use the Liquid variables within the theme.

For example, in the Course Builder:

Here you can see my Course ID for this Course is 3818. 

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