Upsell Related Products (For V1 Themes)

Note: This article is for anyone using a pre-V2 site theme. Not sure which theme you're on? Refer to this article to find out.

Associating relating products gives you an opportunity to sell either related products or bundles of related products from a course landing page.  This article has a great explanation of why and how you can use this function.


First, choose the course that you would like to add related products to from My Courses.

You will notice in the top toolbar of the Course Creator you have the option to Upsell.

You will notice that you have the option to choose to promote other published courses or Bundles and add them to the course landing page of the course that you have selected in the first place.

After you have chosen the course(s) or bundle(s) that you would like to promote, you will notice that they appear under the dropdown menu. You can choose to have the upsell appear on the Landing Page of your course or the Thank You Page (which appears after a user purchases your course).

Next, you can give a title to the Upsell Section.

The Upsell Section appears at a different place of the landing pages.  

In the Curriculum Forward Landing Page, the Section appears near the top.

In the High Converting Landing Page, the Section appears at the bottom.

When a student clicks on the button to buy the related product, they are taken through the purchase process as they would when buying any course.  After the purchase is completed, the student will be enrolled in all courses associated with the upsell.

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