Posting Your Course on Facebook

Sharing your courses on Facebook is a quick, simple, and free way to drive traffic to your Thinkific site.

When creating a Facebook post, if you include a link Facebook automatically pulls in some information about that page. This is called the Open Graph (OG) metadata. Find out more on the Open Graph protocol here.

For course landing pages we include some default OG metadata for you, ensuring that posts about your courses are engaging and eyecatching:

OG image = the course card image

OG title = the course title

OG URL = the main site URL

For bundle landing pages we include the following OG metadata as standard:

OG image = the bundle card image

OG title = the bundle title

OG URL = the main site URL

Note: If you're seeing a grey box when sharing a course on Facebook, it's because you haven't uploaded a course/bundle card image yet. There are instructions on how to do that here. (The same goes for bundles).

Usually the most effective way to drive traffic to your site is to post a link directly to a course or bundle landing page, and we've got that covered for you. If you're linking to a different page or would like to add some additional OG metadata, you can do that by adding meta tags to your site using Custom Themes. For example, if you want to post your site landing page on Facebook, here's how to update the OG image for that.

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