Integrate with Infusionsoft

Our Infusionsoft integration includes the following functionality:

- Create and tag contacts in Infusionsoft based on events that happen on Thinkific. For example, when somebody signs up for your course you can tag them in Infusionsoft, adding them to your mailing list for the course.

- Take payment for your courses on Infusionsoft. If you want to use Infusionsoft's checkout process, you can! Our integration will allow you to take payments in Infusionsoft and automatically set students up with access to courses and bundles on Thinkific.

- Students can update their credit cards for active Infusionsoft subscriptions. Students can go directly to their Billing information in Thinkific to view their active subscriptions and update their corresponding credit cards. 

How Infusionsoft works for Thinkific sites


Usually, course creators use Infusionsoft in conjunction with their own checkout workflow or the Infusionsoft checkout. This means that students will bypass the Thinkific purchase workflow and checkout for purchases. This also means the first time a student lands on your Thinkific site will likely be to sign in after purchasing the course on an external checkout.


Because you are using your own sales pages, you will likely want all your students to go through your external workflow rather than have students that go through the Thinkific purchase flow. You can add redirects for your site, course and bundle landing pages which will mean any student that goes to any of those pages initially will be pushed to the page of your choice: you can either direct them to the Thinkific sign in page or a page of you choice (like your own .com site or store).

You can do that by adding script to your theme. You can access your theme by following instructions here: Custom Themes (For Developers).

You'll want to go to snippets > meta tags. Then, find the code that references each page. Eg. line 25. You'll see a gap on line 27. The exact line you need to add the code to will vary depending on your theme, version number and any customizations you already have on the page.

What's important is that you add the snippet directly below the page you want to redirect (e.g. course_landing_page, site_landing_page etc.).

You'll want to add this snippet:


  window.location.href = "";


Where is the beginning of your infusionsoft campaign or whichever website you want students to land on (some course creators navigate to their sales page, some to the Thinkific sign in page).

If you want specific courses to be redirected to different external pages, then you can specify the redirect like this:

{% if == 12345 %}


  window.location.href = "";


{% endif %}

Where 12345, course ID is sourced from the edit URL in course builder.  More on that here: How to find your course or bundle ID?

It should look like this:

Then File > Save.

You'll want this for your course and bundle sales pages. We can make your Thinkific site landing page direct to your login page if you want (or any other page in Thinkific). Just reach out to our Support team to enable that for you. 

Importing your students

You can use Infusionsoft to import your students if you are migrating them from your own platform to Thinkific.

You likely already have these students in your Infusionsoft list, in which case you can mass select and associate them with a tag for import (e.g. 'migrate students: course - Granola Basics). You will need to set up your HTTP post as per usual for the purchase workflow. Instead of the product purchase goal, select tag and configure it with the tag you want (maybe at first it's the 'tester' tag if you want to make a tag for your tester accounts, but then you'll change that to the actual tag of the students you will import). 


You should complete the student import a few days to a week prior to your launch to ensure that the accounts are set up correct and students have the correct access. Prior to the import, be sure to disable any welcome emails in Infusionsoft or Thinkific to avoid having students alerted of their new account before you're ready.

After the import, set up express sign in for your students so that they can set their own passwords. The benefit of express sign in is that the student creates a password the first time they log in. You can learn more about express sign in here

On the day of launch, you can send an email through Infusionsoft welcoming students and providing them with their log in details, or providing them the express sign in link.


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