How can students change their passwords?

Students can reset their passwords from their My Account page.

To get to the My Account page, the student can select their avatar in the top-right header and then My Account:

From the Password tab of the My Account page, they'll be able to update their password.

What if my student forgot their password?

If the student is unable to log into your site because they don't know their password, they can reset it in a couple of different ways:

1. From the Sign In page

The Sign In page has a Forgot Password link that students can use to reset their passwords.

2. Via a password reset link

You're able to send students directly to a page where they'll be able to reset their password. If the student emails to say that they can't access their account, email this link to get them back in as soon as possible!

To get the link that you need to send them, simply add the following to the end of your Thinkific site URL:

/users/password/new?email=[USER'S EMAIL GOES HERE]

For example:


Note: If you've manually enrolled or imported users, you can also use this link in a bulk email to give access to your course. Here's how.

3. You can reset it for them

Head to the Users page of your admin dashboard and select to Edit the student's user profile.

At the bottom of the page, you'll see the option to Reset password.

Hopefully this article helps with resolving any student access issues you come across but, if not, our support team are always happy to help! Reach us from this page.

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