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Note: This article refers to an older version of our page builder. Learn how to upgrade to our must up-to-date, customizable website builder yet using Site Builder in this article.

Upgrade to unlock new page design features, and move your course site into the future! Learn more here.

Upgrading your course site to the updated Page Builder includes picking a new theme built specifically to take advantage of the new features. It will significantly change how your current course site looks.

The upgrade process will change several design-related settings on your course site - read on for a complete list of changes. 

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Considerations When Upgrading Your Theme

How to Install a New Theme

What if I Have HTML/CSS Customization?

Switching Back to a V1 Theme

Considerations When Upgrading Your Theme

Important: Thank You Page Upsells are temporarily unavailable for course sites using V2 Themes. They will return in a future update very shortly.

Most of your design settings will be carried over through the upgrade process, but there are some settings that will not be carried over:

Carried Over to a New (V2) Theme
Not Carried Over to a New (V2) Theme

Banner Images *
Course Landing Page Descriptions *
Course Landing Page Upsells
Course Instructor Profiles
Course Reviews
Course Curriculums & Discussions
Course Player Design Preferences

Thank You Page Upsells
Site Branding Colors
Course Landing Page Themes (Layouts)
Banner Image Colors and Opacity %’s
Code Customizations (HTML/CSS)
Modified Site Text (Landing Pages Only)

The Altitude theme does not carry these design elements over in the upgrade process.

Important: Existing code customization made to your current site’s Theme cannot be carried over through the upgrade process. If you haven’t made code customization to the underlying HTML/CSS of your site Theme, you don’t need to consider this before upgrading.

For more information about keeping your code customization click here >>

How to Install a New Theme

Upgrading to a new theme is simple! You've probably already seen the prompt within the Course Builder or on the Themes page. Select “Learn how to upgrade” to start the process.

Select a Site Theme to Upgrade to:

Note: Upgrading with Altitude will not carry over your course landing page descriptions or banners.

How to Preview Your New Site Theme

After you’ve installed your new theme, you can preview how it will look on various site pages. From the Theme Library, click on the Manage My Themes button in the top right corner.

You can then use the drop down menu to preview the theme on your existing pages. 

*For full instructions see our article on previewing here.

How to Activate a New Theme

If you like how your course site is going to look, go ahead and hit the “Activate” button on your new Theme

Selecting "Activate" will apply the theme to all pages on your course site.

Congratulations! You have now upgraded your course site to a new theme!

Edit any of your courses to view the new drag and drop course landing page builder.

What if I Have HTML/CSS Customization?

If you’ve made any HTML/CSS customization to your previous theme, you will need to reapply those changes to your new landing pages. We’ve saved the code customization in your previous theme if you need to access them.

Note: This is specific to customization made directly to the HTML/CSS of your site theme, so if you haven't edited your site's markup code, you don't need to worry about anything!

Customization made to the course banner and description are not carried over from the upgrade, however, we’ve made a lot of design choices that previously required you to edit HTML/CSS more straightforward through the Page Builder.

Go to your course landing page builder and recreate your previous customization by editing the landing page sections there.

Note: You can always go back to your old theme to copy and paste any customization to your new site theme if need be.
(Themes > My Themes > Edit HTML/CSS on your Pre-v2 Theme.)

If you have any trouble recreating a previous customization, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for assistance.

Transferring Back to a Previous Theme

If you’d like to transfer back to your previous theme, you can change back at any time.

Note: Consider that future updates to site themes will only apply to V2 Themes.

You just need to go to Themes in your admin dashboard and then select “My Themes” in the top right of the window.

In the Themes management window, select “Activate” next to your previous site theme (with a version number beginning in “1.”).

You have now moved back to a V1 Theme.

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