How do I hide the Course Curriculum section from my landing page?

Note: This article is for anyone using a pre-V2 site theme. Not sure which theme you're on? Refer to this article to find out.

With a small change to your Theme code, you can hide the Course Curriculum section from your course landing page. 

Here's how:

1. Check which type of landing page you are using

Navigate to the edit page of your course and select the "Design" tab. Make a note of the type of landing page that is currently selected. You'll find it in the dropdown underneath the title "Choose a design for your landing page".

2. Navigate to the edit theme page

Click on "Theme library" on the left hand menu of the dashboard, then on your published theme click "Edit code".

3. Edit HTML to hide the course curriculum

Click on the "Course Landing Pages" folder to expand it. Then click on the file that matches the type of landing page that you detected earlier. 

Scroll down within this file until you find the text "Display the course curriculum". To the right of this text, you'll see "{% endcomment %}", which you'll need to cut and paste into a different place, depending on the type of landing page. The screenshots below indicate where to move it to.

Finally, save the changes by clicking "Save" on the top right.

5. Done!

Preview your course landing page and the course curriculum should now be hidden.

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