Prevent Students from Fast-Forwarding Videos

Instructors running professional accreditation or certification courses are often required to make sure that students spend a minimum number of hours completing their training. This usually involves a regulation that students should not be able to skip ahead through videos.

On Thinkific, we've made this nice and easy for you. From your Video Library, you can remove the play-bar for one or all of your videos, meaning that students will be unable to skip forwards or backward whilst watching.

Removing the Play-Bar

1. First, upload your videos. Then find the file that you'd like to change in your library and select Edit.

 Note: The search bar will make it easier to find the right video if you have lots of files.

2. Navigate to the Appearance section. The Show Playbar toggle will be set to 'On' by default. To switch it off, simply click to move the toggle. 


3. This will update the player for just that video. You can also hit the Update on all videos to make all of your files match the current appearance settings for this video.


And you're done! The play-bar has been removed, meaning that users will now be unable to skip ahead through your videos.

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