Welcome to the New Course Player!

You can now offer your students an ever better learning experience with the updated course player in Thinkfic!

Note: In case you're new to Thinkific, the Course Player is the course-taking environment itself - the part of your site where your students can go to watch your videos, take your quizzes, and more.

What’s included in the new Course Player?

1. Content Title Search

Your students will now be able to search for specific lessons by their title using a search box within the Course Player. 

2. Updated Text Field Editor

An updated text field editor improves the Discussions feature so it’s easier for your students to post a question or contribute to a topic.

3. Improved Load Times

Better, faster, stronger -the Course Player makes it’s easier for both you and your students to load pages, navigate, and use Thinkific on every device. 

4. Upgraded Wistia Video Player

As a course builder, you now get more control over your students’ experience with video lessons. You can select whether or not to have the ‘playback speed’ option available to students per video lesson (so they can’t speed through the material if you don’t want them to!).

5. Cleaner Look, Better Feel

With a few of the rough edges smoothed out the course experience is easier on the eyes. There’s a new look to Course Player icons and content headers, as well as more built-in customization tools to make it your own that will be included in the official launch.

6. Pretty in Print

Lessons now look much better when your students print them out. Hooray!

7. Improved Free Trial Experience

For any prospective students currently on a free trial of your course, there's now a smoother viewing experience. With the old version, students had to look through all of your material, including locked content, in order to find the free trial offerings. Now, the Course Player automatically brings students to available free trial content without them having to do any digging.

How do I switch over to the new Course Player?

There’s an "Update to the new Course Player" checkbox at the bottom of your Basic Settings page. Check the box and save changes to implement the new features on your Thinkific site.

Can I switch back to the old Course Player?

You can switch between the 2 versions for now, but all accounts will be switched over to the updated the new course player in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch!

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