Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline Content

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If you are looking at using Captivate and Storyline files within Thinkific you want to follow these instructions on properly exporting the files so that they can be hosted on Thinkific.

One thing to note is for Thinkific to host these files you will have to be on our Business Plan or Above. Also Thinkific does not support SCORM or TIN CAN files/reporting.

Exporting Content from Articulate Storyline 1

For further instructions on how to use Articulate Storyline 1 Files on Thinkific you can take a look here:

Exporting Content from Articulate Storyline 360

Articulate360 publish to the web instructions

For Articulate 360, when you use the modern player, which is the default style for new projects, the file was publish as HTML5-only output. This is the recommended publishing format to ensure compatibility with all major browsers on desktop and mobile devices. 

For further instructions on how to use Articulate Storyline 360 Files on Thinkific you can take a look here:

Exporting Content from Adobe Captivate

Before you get started with exporting your content, please ensure that you uncheck the Enable Reporting option for your project. Details on where to find that setting in Captivate under the LMS section here:

To publish Adobe Captivate files for Thinkific, open the project and then click File > Publish or on the button bar, click Publish > Publish to Computer. Once done, you should see the following dialog: 

Then click on Publish and navigate to the specified folder in your local device to see the assets from your project:

Add all the components into a ZIP file to be sent to Thinkific. 

For further instructions on how to use Adobe Captivate files on Thinkific you can take a look here:

Publish the File

Send the ZIP file from Captivate or Storyline to

If you have multiple files best practice is to create all of these files at one and send them to Thinkific in one go. Please keep in mind it can take up to 2-4 Business days for Thinkific to upload and prepare these files for your course.

If using DropBox to send the files to Thinkific, you can send a shared file link by following these instructions:

Common Questions and Troubleshooting Guide

How do I add my files to my Thinkific course?

When the files are ready Thinkific will send you an email with the relevant links which can used in your course via the Multimedia Lesson. Add the supplied URL into the lesson, save and preview the content as a student to see how it displays in Thinkific. 

Why is my file not working?

Sometimes, individual browser securities may cause older version of published Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline files to not work within Thinkific. If you have access to the original file, we recommend re-exporting the file with an updated version of your publishing program.

For Articulate, you can use their Updater to scan and update published files, or update your Storyline Software then republish after. 

For Adobe Captivate, you can track and learn more about each available system update from here:

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