How To Delete A Course

Courses can only be deleted if there are not, and never have been, students enrolled in them. That means, if you created a test course, you can only delete it if you never enrolled any test students in them.  If your course has enrollments, don't worry, you can still UnPublish the course so that it doesn't show up for your students.

The delete button can be found at the bottom of the Settings section of your course builder.

Note: It is not possible to delete a course with active enrollments in the course. If there are any enrolled users in the course, the button to 'Delete This Course' will not be available. Feel free to Unpublish the course so that this course will no longer be available for enrollment or accessible on enrolled student dashboards. 

When you Unpublish a course, the landing page will still be visible but the enroll buttons will lead to a 404. So, to avoid people finding this course, simply change the course landing page URL in the Course Settings!

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