Creating a custom template for your additional page (HTML/CSS)

You are able to easily add additional pages to your Thinkific site from the Pages area of your admin dashboard. This is ideal for including an About Us page, an FAQ, or anything else that you feel like adding!

Below we've included some instructions for changing the template for your additional page. General instructions for creating an additional page can be found here.

Creating a custom template for your additional page

When creating your additional page, you'll see a box called Template.

By default the dropdown list for Template will only include one option, but if you're handy with HTML/CSS you are able to create your own jazzy new template!

To do that, head to the Themes library page of your admin dashboard and select to "EDIT CODE" your existing theme (or create a new one if you're not using themes yet).

In your theme you'll see a folder called Page Templates, which will contain your Basic Page Template - you can either edit this existing template or select the "Add New Page Template" option (recommended).

Then, customize away!

And remember to go to File > Save to save your changes.

**Basic instructions for using Themes can be found here.**

Enabling your custom template

Once you're done with creating your custom template, head back to Pages on your admin dashboard and select to "Edit" your additional page.

Under the dropdown list for Template, you'll now see your new layout option it, hit "Save", and off you go!

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