Install the Facebook Tracking Pixel

Advertising your Thinkific courses on Facebook? We've made it nice and easy for you to get set up with everything you need for tracking your ad performance.

Facebook's Ads Manager is where you go to create your ad campaigns and analyze the results but, in order for you to monitor whether ads run on Facebook are increasing your sales on Thinkific, you'll need to set up a conversion event.

If you are looking to track conversions for a free course, check out this article. Or if you're looking to track conversions for a paid course, continue reading this article.

How to track conversions for a paid course

First, you'll need to install your Facebook tracking pixel on your Thinkific site. This pixel will fire information on page views and orders back to Facebook, allowing you to monitor the success of your campaigns.

You're able to install the Facebook tracking pixel on your site in two easy steps!

Step 1. Find your base pixel code

From the Facebook Pixel tab of Ads Manager, select Actions > View Pixel Code and then copy the code to your clipboard.

Step 2. Install it

Paste the base pixel code under Integrations > Facebook on your Thinkific admin dashboard.

And that's it!

To make setting up conversion tracking as easy as possible for you, we've made it so that adding the base pixel code to the Integrations page installs both of the following on your Thinkific site:

- The base pixel code (for tracking page views), AND

- The purchase tracking code; e.g. fbq('track', 'Purchase', {value: '0.00', currency: 'USD'});

So now you're all set to start running and analyzing your campaigns from your Facebook Ads Manager! More on that here

Test Your Pixel

To test that your pixel is up-and-running, you can install Facebook's Pixel Helper plugin for Google Chrome.

If you'd like to verify that the purchase event is firing, once you've installed the plugin, you can put a test order through on your site using a coupon code for 100% off your course pricing.

If your pixel has been correctly installed, you should see the following when you click on the icon for the Pixel Helper plugin:

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